Radical Feminists are like Locusts

Locust Swarm
Oh look, it must be a feminist convention in town!

The whole feminist side of atheism keeps getting stupider and stupider.  After the debacle at the Women in Skepticism 2 conference, where Ron Lindsay, president and CEO of CFI, the guy who was putting on the conference, got up and said a couple of things at the conference that his group was paying for, that female attendees did not like, mostly because he was in possession of a penis, they came out and started demanding Lindsay be ousted from his position with the CFI.  Well, the CFI took that under advisement and came to the only rational conclusion, they said “fuck you”.

Good for you, CFI!

But that doesn’t stop Rebecca Watson and her ilk, now she’s walking away from the CFI and encouraging other feminists to do the same. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, bitch.  In fact, why don’t you just keep on walking right out of the atheist “community” too and take your radical feminist companions with you.  You have done nothing positive for the atheist “movement” whatsoever, in fact, you’ve done nothing but harm it.  For lots of people who might have initially been sympathetic toward feminist goals, you’ve turned a huge percentage of people off.  Whereas I might have been supportive of some of the goals of feminists (not radical feminists) a year or two ago, today I’m a staunch anti-feminist.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I still support equality for all across the board, I just don’t respect anyone who uses the term “feminist” anymore.  If you call yourself a feminist, you’ve immediately diminished yourself in my eyes.  “Feminist” has become a dirty word.

RAID! Kills the unskeptical dead.

What’s worse, I was talking to my wife over the weekend after the CFI news broke and she agreed wholeheartedly.  She’s never identified herself as a feminist and now, she has the same distaste for the term as I do and she doesn’t even care about atheism as a group.  It was then that I said that radical feminists, especially the ones in atheism, are like locusts.  They identify a food source, they swarm and consume every useful bit of food, and then move on.  That’s essentially what’s happened in the atheist “community”, but similar things, as I’ve pointed out before, have happened in other communities and it has utterly destroyed them.  Once you start allowing radical elements from outside to invade your home and impose their radical ideas, it’s the beginning of the end.  Instead of having atheists, who just so happen to be feminists, we have feminists, who just so happen to be atheists.  These are not rational and intellectual women who are applying those standards to equality, these are women, by and large, who are ranting and raving, subsumed completely under emotional rhetoric and the moment that anyone says “hey, you ought to stop and think about what it is that you believe…”, they start screaming “misogyny!”  Who else do we know that does exactly that, with different terms?  Oh yeah… THEISTS!

It’s ironic that this whole fiasco happened at a conference called “Women in Skepticism” and it turned into a shit-storm of unskeptical women.  That should be a clear sign to everyone in the skeptical community that it’s time to send these locusts flying on to their next target.  These are not people who ought to be acceptable within a group of self-defined skeptics, rationalists and critical thinkers because they do not fit into any of those categories, at least with regard to their feminism and other social beliefs.  Yes, I know we want to grow and increase our numbers, but should we do that at the cost of our core values and identity?  I don’t think so.  In fact, we might even attract the right kinds of people, the ones who are rational and skeptical and critical of all claims, if we didn’t embrace the radical crazies.

Otherwise, we’re on a collision course with disaster and failure, where the atheist “movement” really has no value, it’s just a laughing stock for people who can see the hypocrisy in the movement, that we say we’re rational with regards to religion but we prove we’re anything but with regard to everything else.

That’s not a movement I want anything to do with and I know I’m not alone.

8 thoughts on “Radical Feminists are like Locusts”

    1. People need to recognize that it's possible to be atheist and other things at the same time. You can be an atheist and a feminist. You can be an atheist and a humanist. You can be an atheist and almost anything else you want (probably not a theist). Just because you hold different views doesn't mean you ought to try to combine them all under the same philosophical umbrella. It pisses me off that so many people try to do exactly that.

        1. Precisely. If you have a hobby, does that make it a part of atheism? Is stamp collecting part of atheism? Is reading books part of atheism? Is riding motorcycles part of atheism? Or are these things that you do in addition to your atheism? I really, really, really hate people who want to use a single term that covers everything they do in their lives. It's irrational, but there are a lot of irrational people in atheism, which keeps me from wanting anything to do with any organized atheist group. When you people discover how to be a skeptic, let me know, until then, you're just as irrational and ridiculous as theists are.

  1. If I started doing purity tests, the Gender Feminists would be out the door as it's pretty clear that it's more akin to a religion than a skeptical movement. But they wouldn't be the only group and by the time I got done getting rid of everyone who isn't 'pure enough' it'd be a rather empty movement…

    So, being mature, I just let that stuff pass as I try, in my small ways, act within our mutual interests by supporting organizations that I feel do something useful — FFRF, Planned Parenthood & The ACLU. All of whom have people and/or policies I don't necessarily agree with… But do pull in the general direction I am going…

    1. It's really not about purity, it's about meeting dead minimum requirements. Now I understand it's not necessarily true, but I think that atheists, at least atheists who consider themselves skeptics, ought to actually be skeptical. When you have a self-professed atheist embracing anti-scientific nonsense, I don't take them all that seriously. There's a lot of people who really need to apply the same skepticism that they have toward religion toward everything else in their lives because let's be honest, gender feminists essentially hold religious fundamentalist beliefs with regard to their feminism.

      Why shouldn't we point out how absurd that is?

  2. This is an old post but I totally agree with you. I'm a woman (and pro-women's rights), but I have seen these combative asshole feminists destroy almost EVERY good forum on the internet with their – bust into a place they don't belong and scream FIRE in a theater – bullshit.

    Like gaming and talking about gaming? You can't now because half the threads on your gaming forum are about women being "marginalized" and games contributing to r-culture. Like atheism? Can't read atheist forums because now 1/2 the threads are about sexual harassment and feminism. Like movies? Can't talk about movies without someone bitching that there aren't enough women in movies and if there are women in movies they are only eye candy.

    Like beauty? Can't talk about wearing feathers in your hair without some feminist hijacking the conversation to talk about how native american women were raped and wearing feathers is offensive cultural appropriation. Like fashion? Can't talk about fashion without some feminist hang-wringing over how racist fashion is these days. Like music? Rest assured that your favorite artist will be deemed racist, sexist or mysogynist by the resident feminists. Like fishing? You evil bastard, only misogynists like fishing. And on and on and on.

    Simply every damn forum and community has been ruined by these insufferable bitches. Seriously fuck them for ruining everything fun on the web. Locusts? It is an apt comparison for sure.

    1. Oh, I agree with you, I constantly have to stop following people on Twitter and Tumblr because that's all they talk about and frankly, I have no interest in hearing any of it. I'd be find if they'd stay to their own forums and whine to each other but no, they have to interject their brand of radical feminism into everything and it's obnoxious and just makes me hate them even more.

      Thanks for commenting, old post or not. I'd do more posts on radical feminism but I've managed to excise the most vocal of them from my life and have no desire to poke the hornet's nest with a stick again. I can only take so much stupidity in one sitting. 🙂

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