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It’s that Time Again! The Bitchspot Report Podcast Episode 17!

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Announcing The Bitchspot Report Podcast #17!

This time, we take on irrationality in the atheist community, more Rick Perry taxpayer waste, the craziness of Cindy Jacobs, Vatican lawsuits and alien faith healing!  Don’t miss it!

If you really want to know exactly what Cephus finds wrong with the atheist community, this is the episode to listen to!

So be sure to go listen!

3 thoughts on “It’s that Time Again! The Bitchspot Report Podcast Episode 17!

    1. My real issue now is that the "skeptic" community really doesn't seem to be much more skeptical than the religious, I'm really not sure I should be supporting so-called skeptics that are anything but. So many of them follow the same belief structures, engage in the same "faith" and ignore rationality exactly the same as the theists, they just do it with a different kind of belief.

      Aren't we supposed to be better than that?

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