Horror Show Sunday – Murder Those Who Insult Zombie Mohammed!

zombiemohammedApparently, coffee is an Allah-guaranteed right in Syria!  A 14-year old teenager who was selling coffee in the Syrian city of Aleppo was arrested, tortured and executed in front of his family for supposedly insulting Mohammed.  He refused to give a customer coffee and said “Even if [Prophet] Mohammed comes back to life, I won’t!”

I’m not quite sure how wishing Mohammed back to life is an insult, maybe they’ve adopted zombie-ism as an integral part of Islam?  It makes about as much sense as anything else in their idiotic religion.

Apparently, Syrian rebel extremists were driving by and heard the comment.  They whipped the boy, Mohammed Qatta, and then told the gathered crowd that anyone who insulted Mohammed would suffer a similar fate.  Qatta was then shot in the mouth and neck and died at the scene.  Qatta’s mother cried “Why did they kill my son, we are not for or against anybody in this conflict, may God take revenge on them.”

I suspect you’ll get a better response relying on humans than on gods.

This is not the first such killing by fundamentalist Muslim rebels in Syria who have set up Sharia law courts and invited fanatical Muslim fighters from around the Middle East to join in their cause.  They spend much of their time cavorting across the countryside, visiting “justice” on anyone who falls outside of their narrow interpretation of the Qu’ran.

I don’t know how else to say it though.  Fuck you assholes.  Fuck you and that idiot pedophile prophet of yours.  This is the time someone needs to go in and destroy all of the Sharia courts and put a bullet or twenty into the head of each and every one of you fucked up fundamentalists.  You deserve about as much court time as you’ve given to any of your victims.

You are the reason that Horror Show Sunday exists.  Fuck you all.

3 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday – Murder Those Who Insult Zombie Mohammed!”

  1. The situation is Syria is really messed at the moment. You have Assad who is a dictator and then rebel elements which are extreme fundamentalists. It makes you wonder what is better for the country. But Sharia courts are for idiots and should get shut down, I actually can't believe that they are tolerated in some Western countries, its ridiculous that religion gets this free reign.
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  2. My own thoughts on the civil war in Syria have evolved. Now that the fundamentalists are getting more involved on the side of the Rebels, i'm starting to think that Assad (despite his many faults) may be the better of two evils & for my Gov' (UK) to even think of sending arms makes me want to weep.

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