Atheism, Liberalism and Emotionalism

whambulanceI am continually shocked to see how emotional the arguments that liberal atheists have toward their liberal causes.  There was a recent discussion on a Google+ group that started talking about atheism and libertarianism, but it quickly devolved to “liberal causes are the best, so there!” nonsense.

I get so sick and tired of atheists being entirely emotional and irrational when it comes to social causes.  “Oh no, we feel bad, we must do something!”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying people shouldn’t be  socially responsible, but there’s that horrible word that people seem to hate, “responsible”.  I’m all for making the lives of the poor and “downtrodden” better if I can, but it’s not a one-sided exercise.  Unfortunately, that seems to be the way liberals tend to see it.  Apparently, the masses are too stupid to take care of themselves and therefore, this ego-stroking aid has to be constant and eternal, we must never think that helping these people to help themselves and to solve their own problems so that they don’t need our help is possible or even desirable.

It makes me think of an old Sam Kinison bit where he’s talking about feeding the hungry in Africa.  We’ve been dragging this food out across the desert every day for a hundred years and we got to thinking that maybe you ought to move where the food is!  That would seem to be the rational solution, but no, that’s not what liberals want, they need their egos stroked on a daily basis so they can feel superior.  Look at the good work we’re doing!  Yes, we know it’s unnecessary and perhaps even harmful, but it makes us look good so we’re going to keep it up!

I see this kind of thing all the time.  In a recent forum thread on institutional racism, liberals were saying how they had to take care of blacks because they were incapable of caring for themselves.  Isn’t that absurdly insulting?  Shouldn’t people be upset?  If it was my group that people were talking down to, I’d be pissed, I don’t understand why these people aren’t.

Oh yeah, they get a check from the liberal government every month.

Our social programs have got to stop being about emotions and start being about reality.  The whole point of having welfare should not be to make the people handing out the checks feel good about themselves.  We need to start educating people, start having some expectations of them, start demanding that social programs are limited, meant to span the bad times only and everyone, without exception, who is able to work, needs to be getting a job and caring for themselves.  This can’t be about feeling good, it’s got to be about putting people back on their feet and helping them to stay there.

So long as emotion runs the hearts and minds of the liberal agenda, we’re never going to solve any of the major social issues in America.  Liberalism has failed miserably in this regard.

2 thoughts on “Atheism, Liberalism and Emotionalism”

  1. I try not to posts on the non atheist style posts. But I have to say here I agree with you. The only way to help out is through helping people get back on their feet and not relying on handouts. Well said I agree with almost everything you said. I say almost as I am sure I could find disagreement if I wanted to.
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    1. Unfortunately, you've got the Democrats trying to buy loyalty by handing out checks, they don't want the poor to be self-sufficient, it will cost them elections.

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