Running Away With $40 Million

Not running on the track team, running instead to a lawyer.

I really, really hate the entitlement culture that we’ve developed in this country.  Nobody owes you a damn thing, but everyone has their hand out like they somehow deserve compensation for bothering to roll out of bed in the morning and the second someone suggests otherwise, their legal brigade runs in to sue the rational side out of existence.  Here’s another case.

When Mawusimensah Mears got thrown off the track team for missing practices, his father didn’t get upset at him, his father didn’t try to teach him the right way to do things, his father, Ervin Mears Jr. decided to sue the school.  Why?  Because he asserts that extracurricular activities are not a privilege as most people understand them to be, but a right.  Apparently, Mawusimensah not having the “right” to run on the track team is worth $40 million dollars.

Yeah, right.  About the only one who should be sued for $40 million is the asshole father for daring to give his son such a stupid name.

Mears was thrown off the team for unexcused absences.  His father claims that there was a death in the family and he suffered a leg injury, but surely he bothered to explain these things and provide documentation to the Sterling Regional High varsity track team, right?  Otherwise, they were legitimately unexcused absences and his son deserved to be thrown off the team.

Ervin really comes off sounding like an asshole though.  He says “That’s my son. I better interfere. I better make sure he gets every opportunity.”  Too bad  you aren’t teaching him to be personally responsible for his actions.  Of course, Mears has unrealistic expectations, he’s demanding that his son, who is a freshman, ought to be run in Varsity events, displacing seniors on the squad.  Now I don’t know how high schools run today, but when I was in high school, freshmen weren’t even eligible for Varsity teams, you had to be a junior or senior to qualify.

I hope the judge throws this case out and further slaps the father with a heavy penalty for filing a ridiculous lawsuit.  It’s crap like this that has clogged up the legal system to such an absurd degree that many cases are reaching the statute of limitations before they can make it before a judge.

Here’s a news flash for you, Ervin Mears, your kid doesn’t deserve jack shit except what he can earn.  Don’ t like that?  Shove it straight up your entitlement-fantasy ass.


1 thought on “Running Away With $40 Million

  1. Where the fuck did he get $40 million from? In the article you linked, it just says "a violation that [the father] deems to be worth approximately $40 million" indicating to me that he just pulled that number out of his ass. What a piece of shit.

    My second thought here was that if I saw an application for this kid (say for a summer job or something) and I was familiar with this story I'd be reluctant to hire him. The kind of trouble a sue happy prick of a father could bring in is probably not worth it.

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