knows how much I hate to talk about this subject, but it’s just gotten to the point where I have to make a post, then I can put it back into the little box of human stupidity where it resides.  I stopped following the drama in the atheist “community” a while back, especially the obnoxious nonsense that comes along with Atheism+/FreeThoughtBlogs/SkepChick.  I just don’t care and, if not for the fact that I run across it from time to time on other blogs I read or Twitter feeds I follow, I’d likely know nothing about any of this and that would suit me just fine.

Unfortunately, when it does get shoved into my face, I have to say something, especially when it’s abject stupidity like it has been recently.  Without going into too much detail, mostly because I don’t want to be bothered to go look it up myself, Justin Vacula wrote some supposedly humorous text on a picture of Ophelia Benson and posted it on Facebook.  That kind of thing happens all the time and while it’s often childish, it’s not particularly harmful.  Then Ophelia came back, both barrels blazing, demanding that Justin not only not do it again, but demanding that Justin not tag photos on his Facebook page so she won’t get announcements that a picture of her was posted.  And so, the whole childish parade exploded into a Facebook war with both sides launching insults at each other.

In other words, it was completely and totally immature, as virtually everything regarding Atheism+ or its associated blogs is.  The problem is, it’s not just them, it’s everyone on every side of this massive clusterfuck.  They’re all childish!  Reap Paden was childish to change the signs the FtB idiots were holding, assuming he’s the one that did it in the first place, Justin was childish to post it to his Facebook and Ophelia was childish to over-react like she did.  This is yet another hyper-emotional idiot roundhouse, people lobbing grenades at each other because they think it’s funny and it’s really just not.  The more I see any of this behavior, the less impressed with it I become.  It’s assholes to the left of me and assholes to the right.  You have shitheads on the Atheism+ side and just as many of them in the Slymepit.  Is it any wonder why I and most rational atheists want nothing to do with either side?

All both sides are doing is harming the atheist “cause”, if such a word has any meaning.  They cause atheism to be a laughing stock.  Immaturity isn’t something to be proud of, yet these idiots all wear it like a fucking badge of honor.  These are morons who are truly proud of being morons, who would fit in just fine on 4chan/b/, they are not people I would be proud to know, nor are they people I would have any respect for whatsoever.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of people in the atheist “community” that have totally lost any speck of respect I might have ever granted them.  I suspect they don’t care, but they are the reason that I, and so many atheists have really stopped giving a damn about having a non-religious community.  What we have right now is largely filled with assholes and I don’t hang out with or support assholes.

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