Jamestown Stamp Company: Geez, These People are Dumb!

You can’t be this dumb!

You know, I’ve written before about how stupid the Jamestown Stamp Company is.  I collect stamps and I used to take their approvals, it was interesting to see what they’d send and I bought a lot from them, even though they were clearly overpriced.  I had sent them want lists of things that I was interested in receiving, I was very specific about what quality I wanted (mint only) and even specific lists of what I’d be happy to buy from them.  However, it became painfully clear that they were just sending whatever crap they had laying around the office, they weren’t even making an attempt to fill my requests and, as I said, I could just buy all of it cheaper online, so I told them to stop sending, it’s been nice doing business but I’m through.

The problem is, they just keep sending things!  I’m not talking once or twice, I’m talking about 5-6 times now!  I got yet another one today!

This is not some screw-up in their computer system, this is not some technical error, this is on purpose.  They keep sending me these letters that way “please reconsider and come back to us!”  The one I got today says:

We have enclosed a Special Gift just for you as a valued past customer.  There are NO STRINGS attached to this gift.

Yup, you’re right, since I not only didn’t ask you to send it in the first place, and in fact have asked you several times to stop sending things, there are no strings.  I am not going to be returning your free gift, with an attached bill for $27.  I have no legal, moral or ethical requirement to pander to your abject stupidity.  It’s not only an unsolicited product, but a product I have specifically, on several occasions, told you to stop sending me!  Thanks for the free gifts, keep it up.

Or don’t.  See, the problem is, they’re still sending the same old crap that I didn’t want in the first place, that made me cancel their service to begin with.  It’s piles of crappy old overpriced used stamps that I wouldn’t put in my collection if  you paid me.  Maybe if they’d send me something I had actually asked for, it would be different.  I might even pay them for it, but no, it’s cheap garbage that I have no use for and this has been going on for over a year now.  Every time I get one, I say to myself “they can’t be stupid enough to send another one when they don’t get this back” but invariably, they do!  I’m sure this won’t be the last time either.

Seriously, if you’re going to be giving away your inventory, at least have the decency to send something I want, or something valuable enough that makes it worth my while to sell.  I just added this to the large pile of other crap you’ve sent and thrown away the bill.  Keep it up.  I don’t mind fleecing idiots whatsoever.

6 thoughts on “Jamestown Stamp Company: Geez, These People are Dumb!”

  1. You are correct that do not have to pay for unsolicited products mailed to you. However, you should document, including keeping invoices, stamps, etc., your refusals it in writing and send it to them by certified mail. Otherwise they may try to pretend something else has happened and seek a small-claims default judgment in a venue you can't defend from.

    1. I've done that, of course, and they've acknowledged that I've told them to stop sending in their letters, which I've kept. They just keep sending things. They'd have to sue me in my local court because this is where the "crime" took place and I'd just counter sue for harassment and win hands down anyhow.

  2. I called for a quote on stamps I had for sale in mint condition and they sent me used stamps on consi. I did not order . Called there 1 888 782 6776 phone # and wait 10 or more minutes on it would hang up!!! After maybe 30 minutes got an operater that said someone would call me back….Who runs a company like this and how are they still in business?

    1. Heck if I know. I don't care if they keep sending things, they will never get any of them back under any circumstances. So please, send me lots of free gifts in the mail!

  3. I am down sizing my house and came across a stamp collection. If you are local (jamestown ny) I will show it to you and see if you are interested in purchasing.

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