Horror Show Sunday: Parents, Let Them Read The Bible

angrybibleParents of highly religious teenagers, you might want to take this as a cautionary tale.  In Georgia, police investigators report that a 15-year old boy shot his parents because they were trying to make him do his chores instead of reading his Bible.  The boy felt it was his moral duty to find a particular Bible verse for a friend who was undergoing a crisis of faith.  When he was not allowed to, he took his parent’s loaded gun from their nightstand and laid in wait for them to get home from work, when he opened fire.  Randal and Kristi Askevich were both hit, Randal in the hip and Kristi in the wrist.  Their son, unnamed because he is a minor, held them at gunpoint while police gathered outside.  Eventually, Randal convinced his son to turn over the pistol and Kristi went outside to explain the situation to the authorities.  The boy is now being held at the Youth Detention Center without bail.  The Askevich’s are recovering from their minor wounds.  They report… surprise, surprise… that the boy was on several anti-depressant medications and had a history of mental and emotional problems.  Solid Rock Church Pastor Jay Bailey said the boy had a history of anger issues and it’s been revealed he’s been through a court-ordered drug treatment program as well.

Alright, we see a lot of crazy religious adults causing mayhem with firearms but this is the first story I remember of a minor doing it.  However, I think a lot of us have run into kids who have an unnatural attachment to religion and a violent streak, there have been a number of well known ones preaching on YouTube.  It’s clear they have a screw loose, but it never occurred to me that they might grab a gun and shoot someone for getting between them and their Bibles.  All it takes is a combination of irrational beliefs, mental instability, those wonderful drugs that cause psychotic breaks and a gun and you’ve got a party!  At least nobody was seriously injured, but hey, I bet his parents don’t think religion is harmless anymore.


5 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Parents, Let Them Read The Bible”

  1. This is quite a eye opener. We have to be responsible parents and followers of Christ. It is not a wise thing to leave a gun unlocked with a kid who has mental problems or taking antidepressants. Thanks To God for his love and protection for no one died. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Sorry but God had nothing to do with it, there's no reason to think God exists. If there's someone you want to thank, thank the doctors and other medical staff that saved lives and the fact that the kid was a bad shot.

  2. This story is wrong on so many levels. I wish people would do their research and find out what really happened before reposting incorrect information. This had nothing to do with the Bible and whether or not he could read it. It had nothing to do with him doing chores! This had everything to do with parents that gave everything they had to a child that had problems and was not given any help. He needed some major mental help and no help was available to them. That is where the issue lies, not with the Bible!

    1. Whether he was mentally ill or not is irrelevant, his specific actions here did revolve around religion, and that's what the Religious Horror Show is all about. If he wasn't spending his time with his nose in the Bible, this violence could not have happened.

      1. This had nothing to do with the Bible and everything to do with the media with incorrect information. Sorry to disappoint you!

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