Bird Fanatics Fear Success

Obviously Photoshopped, cats and birds cannot get along.

Yes, this is yet another rant about the stupid, hyper-emotional bird fanatics and the fact that they cannot handle the real world.  It’s also once again the rush to vilify anyone who seems to do better than they do.  So this morning, I wake up and there’s a new thread asking how people’s cats and birds get along.  Immediately, there are tons of people who plainly are cat haters, who say that cats can never be trusted, every cat on the planet will kill your birds if you give them half a chance, etc.  It was really kind of stupid if you ask me.  So I responded and said my cats have no interest in my birds, they’ve been raised around birds from birth and don’t consider birds prey.  In fact, I said they’ve no interest in attacking anything, they’ve been around all matter of rodents, from mice to rats, hamsters to chinchillas, and they’ll cuddle with them if they can.  I have no fear of the cats killing anything in the house, they’re all fat and lazy.

But no, immediately I get attacked because they assert cats just can’t be that way!  Cats are innately evil creatures that are out to murder your children.  Of course, from the description of the cats these windbags are describing, it’s no wonder they’re such mean cusses, they’re kept outside, they don’t get attention, why is anyone surprised that they maintain a predatory instinct when you treat them like predators!  It’s like saying children are evil and then only looking at the children that get abused and beaten and ignored by their parents.  Maybe it’s not the kids, or the cats that are evil… maybe it’s you.

Of course, I don’t say anything like that, I’m nice about it.  I just shrugged, as much as you can shrug online, and said “I don’t know, maybe I’m just doing something right”.  I figured it was an innocuous response that got my point across, but didn’t directly attack anyone else, unlike they did to me.  It just didn’t work out that way.  Now they’re calling me “high and mighty” because somehow my animals are better than everyone else’s.  My dogs don’t kill my cats.  My cats don’t kill my birds.  My birds, in general, don’t bite.  These are common complaints from a huge part of the bird-keeping population, especially the last one, because most of them take in hard-luck cases off the street because their emotions scream out to them to do so, birds that have severe emotional and behavioral problems and are unlikely to ever leave their abusive backgrounds behind.  I’m intelligent about it, I only own well-behaved, well-trained, well-raised birds, I have extremely well-cared-for animals across the board and they don’t feel the need to supplement their diets with their housemates.

Dogs aren’t evil.  Cats aren’t evil.  Birds aren’t evil.  Irresponsible, emotion-driven, irrational pet owners, they’re the ones that are evil, and unfortunately, we’re surrounded by them.

11 thoughts on “Bird Fanatics Fear Success”

  1. I agree with you, no animal is evil. However, animals do have certain natures. Some are predators. If a person has lost a bird to one of their cats, I think it insane to try again. Perhaps their cat will always view birds as prey?

    I know nothing about birds. I do own two dogs and three cats. They all get along fine. My cats are indoor cats and are very well cared for. That said, they certainly have not lost their predatory instinct. Would they get along with rodents or birds if I had them at this point? Probably not, they weren't raised that way. I could very much see a case where introducing a kitten to a home with birds or other small animals could work out quite well in the end though.
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    1. Except I've done it many, many times and have yet to have a problem. Certainly, you have to be careful until you know how the cat will react, we got a new kitten about 9 months ago and initially, she was really, really curious about the birds but has since learned that they are not playthings and I'd trust her around them any time. The idea that no cat can ever overcome their predatory instinct is absurd, I've had dozens of cats over the decades that have done just that consistently.

        1. The thing is, I don't think it's all that awesome, I think it ought to be what's expected. I see so many people who own animals who really have no time for them, can't take care of them, are just too busy and overworked and stressed out and can't understand why their animals aren't perfect, then there are others who live entirely for their animals, who can't even go to work because it gets in the way of paying attention to their pets and they can't make their pets perfect either. Mine are by no means perfect, but they certainly are well-adjusted. Why is this so hard for others and why, when they're clearly doing something wrong, do they get upset because someone else is doing a better job?

          1. I think it is pretty awesome, as I had no idea you could "train" a cat to not go after birds. It is awesome to me, only because I was ignorant of the fact.

            I think you sum up many pet owners pretty well. As far as your question—yeah, people do get upset when others do a better job at something than they do. We see that all the time, though, I have no idea if that is what happened to you in this case, I think it is certainly plausible.
            My recent post Why the Teleological/Intelligent Design Arguments Fail

          2. All you have to do is make sure they're well-fed, happy and aware of your expectations. Except for kittens, cats won't just kill things for the sake of killing them, they have a reason. Give them no reasons, they won't do it. The birds are just another member of the family, they're not potential lunch.

          3. Actually found a good example of it today. Sometimes in the morning, my oldest daughter will just let the birds out in her room all day and close the door. She has to be careful because my conure has figured out how to open doors that are not tightly closed. She usually is very good about making sure there are no cats hiding in her room before she leaves, but today, she must have missed our kitten, who is just about 8 months old now. I just opened the door, there were all the birds doing just fine and the kitten sleeping on the bed. No bloodshed whatsoever.

            This is not that difficult, people!

  2. I really don't understand how *some* "bird-people" can hate cats… In the past week two separate wankers on my instagram account trying to bitch at me because I have a CAT and birds in the same house! Or just because I have a cat, and get wildbirds in my yard… and I've had it before and see the same thing on multiple groups and pages online… WTF???

    I keep my cat indoors, thank you very much!!! So he is of no damage to the wildlife outside… (But he is too much of a fat, mellow, scaredy cat, anyway!) The birds I own are in a separate room but regardless we do bring the birds out into the main living areas, and he is a good boy and doesn't makes NO attempt to try to attack them!
    Lastly, what the feck do you care? Why bitch at someone like they are an idiot making out like Sylvester is going to kill Tweety like some half-arse looney tune cartoon? If that's as far as your mental capacity can go when you think of cats and birds, you have more problems than my house does!!! So… KEEP YOUR OPINIONS, TO YOURSELF – THANKS!

    Cats aren’t evil. No animal is… Humans on the other hand??? The real 'issue' is arrogant arseholes with the anonymity of the Internet trying to put others down!

    1. I've got birds and 6 cats and they all interact just fine, with the possible exception of a 12-week old kitten that hasn't learned to ignore the birds yet, but we've never had an incident where a cat has harmed a bird, nor where a bird has harmed a cat. I find that kind of thing more than a little ridiculous, but there are lots of people out there who treat cats, or any non-bird animal for that matter, as a horrible, awful thing. Certainly, there are plenty who can and do keep multiple kinds of animals together quite successfully, but those aren't the vocal ones by and large, it's the shrill, crazy bird ladies who act like if you don't live your entire life for the good and happiness of your pets, you ought to be taken out somewhere and shot.

      Great comment, I heartily agree! Thanks!

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