Where are all the Conservative Atheists at?

conservative atheists blazing saddlesI’ve always felt very much alone, a conservative in a sea of liberal atheists.  In fact, I felt so alone that the moment I met another even remotely conservative atheist, I started a podcast with him.  All of that seems to be gone now, I’ve returned to being one of the very few true conservative voices in an overwhelming majority of liberal atheists.

However, when someone asked on a forum why all atheists tended to be liberal, I chimed up and said that all of them aren’t, although conservatives tend to be incredibly few and far between.  Then, someone responded with something that surprised me.  He said that there were probably more conservative atheists than I realized.

My question is… WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?!?!?!

A couple of days ago, I put out a call, far and wide, for any conservative atheists who were interested in taking over the co-hosting seat on The Bitchspot Report and you know how many I’ve heard from?  Zero.  Know how many people I’ve heard from at all?  Zero.  I’m really at the point of chalking the podcast up to a failed project, aimed at a demographic that apparently doesn’t exist.

See, when I originally came up with the idea of maybe doing a podcast, I didn’t want to do it alone, I wanted to find a responsible, intelligent partner to do some of the work, or at least hold up their own side of the bargain.  I had no problem doing all of the recording, all of the editing, the maintenance on the website, the generation and uploading of the YouTube versions, all with my very limited free time, but when people started showing up consistently intoxicated to record the podcast, totally unprepared, totally lacking in any ability to stick to a topic or follow a script, such that it took an average of 7 hours of editing to produce a single hour of finished product, that was too much.  The final straw was when they simply vanished for a week and a half without a word and couldn’t be bothered to send a tweet or an e-mail saying “hey, something came up, I’ll be away…”  As I pointed out at the time, personal responsibility is a basic conservative tenet and lacking such really doesn’t make you a reliable human being.

Therefore, that portion of the show is over.  Whether there will be another portion to come is unknown.  So far, I have heard nothing but positive comments from listeners, I’d like to keep doing it, even if I have to drop the conservative part and just be a good atheist podcast, there may be value in that as well.  However, that all depends on if anyone responds and anyone is willing to give up an hour or two of their time per week.


7 thoughts on “Where are all the Conservative Atheists at?”

  1. I guess I qualify as one, and I think there are more out there than it may seem, but "atheism" just isn't something we strongly identify with possibly? One common theme I've seen though is that our kind on a whole are much less hostile to religion and religious people than the more populous lefty atheists (even though the lefties tend to be quite selective about who they bash, and are remarkably absent when a group doesn't belong to the "religious right").

    The fact that the focus of the American right has shifted to the economy away from fringe social issues can only be a good thing IMO. That is what a vote on the Federal level mostly has an impact. Democrats have cleverly made a big deal of social issues (which are mostly decided on the state level anyway) to their advantage. No reason to play on their terms.

    And when the focus is on the economy, the scope of public institutions etc. the differences between conservatives cease to be so important IMO.

    1. I don't know, I'm very, very, very strongly anti-religious and the fact is, our government isn't made up of liberals and conservatives, but of liberals and liberals. There is nothing conservative whatsoever about the Republicans, outside of a very few people I would consider conservative-leaning in the Libertarian party, I don't think we have many, if any, true conservatives representing the people these days. It's no wonder that the economy is so screwed up these days. That said though, you just don't see many people who write about atheism and about politics from a conservative perspective. There may be conservative political bloggers who are also atheists, I know a few of them, but they rarely, if ever, talk about religion, their focus is on political issues. I just wish that there were more people who were both vocally conservative and vocally atheist. I am really tired of feeling like the only one.

  2. Hmnn…any theories on why it is that for the overwhelming majority of staunch disbelievers, strong atheism is almost always matched by an equally uncompromising commitment to far-left politics and values?

    1. If you want my honest opinion, and I base this on nothing but observation, a lot of staunch atheists tend to be young, or at least came to their atheism when they were young, and well educated, two factors that correlate with left-leaning politics. I've also found that a lot of people self-identify as liberal, not because they are liberal, but because they have a misunderstanding of conservatism. They think that one has to be religious to be conservative and don't understand that the neo-cons have nothing whatsoever to do with conservatism, in fact, they're actually quite liberal in their fiscal policy.

      1. That sounds about right to me Cephus, for many people conservative means religious right, and the alternative is liberal. Then once you adopt the label it is easy to pick up the rest of their positions without thinking too much. It's a shame that things work that way, I imagine most people would be conservative on some topics and liberal on others if they would think things through themselves.

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        1. That is true, that's why I've spent a lot of time pointing out that "liberal" and "conservative" are just labels, they don't really mean anything in and of themselves. However, there are far too many people who take the labels seriously and adopt actual positions based on what they think they're supposed to believe, according to the label, instead of individually judging different positions to see what makes the most sense.

          1. "what they think they're supposed to believe"

            nail on the head. How many of life's problems are created, or made worse, by people believing things because they think they are supposed to rather than because they thought about things and came to their conclusions on their own?

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