Poor Abused Ex-Cardinal Mahony

Roger_MahonyIsn’t it horrible that people are picking on former Los Angeles Archdiocese Cardinal Roger Mahony?  I mean, why should anyone ever criticize him, just because we now have proof that he was personally responsible for moving around pedophile priests and protecting molesters over innocent children?  That shouldn’t make anyone upset with him, should it?

Well, Mahony doesn’t think so!  In fact, he has a blog where he talks about how hard it is to be him constantly.  And those innocent kids whose lives he made much, much more difficult?  Yeah, he doesn’t talk about them so much.

Pal, you ought to be damn happy that nobody has lynched your pedophile-protecting ass yet or had the father of some abused child put a bullet in the back of your skull.  Normally I don’t advocate violence and seriously, I’m not doing it in this case even though he deserves it, I just don’t want the clueless Catholics holding him up a some kind of martyr to the cause.  Let’s be honest, if someone did take Mahony out, or any of the many, many priests he’s purposely and knowingly hidden, there would be outrage, but it wouldn’t be from the side that is happy these child-molesting parasites are gone, it would be from the Catholic faithful who suddenly have an example of the hate people have toward Catholicism so they can all whine “poor us!”  The Jews have been doing it for decades, does anyone doubt that the Catholics wouldn’t do the same thing given half a chance?

And before anyone starts thinking that Mahony is just another whiny has-been, his involvement with Catholic sex abuse is hardly over.  In fact, just this last week he was called in a deposition on the Father Nicholas Aguilar Rivera case.  Rivera was being investigated on sexual abuse charges when he fled the country and is now believed hiding in Mexico.  Mahony had to answer questions regarding his handling of the matter internally and whether or not he had any responsibility for informing Rivera that the cops were coming for him..  While no one has been able to reach him regarding that deposition, he did write on his blog that he has been dealing with “this terrible sinfulness which has overwhelmed all of us in the Church.”  All of “us”?  How many of “us” were personally responsible for shuffling around child molesters knowingly?  He goes on to say that he’s “being scapegoated”.  Like hell he is, we have the proof that he’s guilty as sin and did it all with full knowledge that his actions would put demonstrated pedophiles in contact with innocent children.

Being scapegoated my ass, you sick old fuck.  I only wish there was a hell that you could rot in for eternity.



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