Mine Ears Have Heard the Whining of the Loony Liberals

A liberal extremist is born…

Just had a relatively unpleasant experience, was having a nice chat on Twitter with someone about illegal immigration and apparently, some loony liberal was watching the other person’s timeline and decided to take over the discussion without asking permission.  I generally don’t mind if people interject their thoughts, that’s sort of what Twitter is for and anything that you say outside of direct messages is publically accessible and open to response.

However, we were talking about the impact the drug trade in the U.S. has on the corruption of the Mexican government, which is largely run by the drug cartels and all of a sudden, a huge pile of drug-thugs showed up and started arguing for the legalization of drugs.  I’ve made my thoughts on that quite clear previously, there’s no chance someone is going to convince me that shoving a needle in their arm or smoking a joint is a responsible action, but they gave it their all, starting out reasonably polite but quickly getting extremely rude when I wouldn’t admit that they were right.  Most petered out pretty quickly but one guy stuck around and was quite adamant.  And of course, as I’ve previously predicted, he followed the typical path straight to vilifying anyone who disagrees with him, saying I had to be a hypocrite because I didn’t follow every single law on the books, therefore I couldn’t criticize him for ignoring laws willy-nilly either.  I asked what laws I had broken and he couldn’t come up with any.  He made accusations, of course, and when he couldn’t actually catch me in any, he got frustrated and cussed me out.  At that point, not being one to block anyone but spammers, I simply chose to turn off Twitter for a while until he went away.

I wish I could say this is uncommon but it’s really not.  It happens quite often on Twitter, where people think that shouting down the competition is a favored means of winning a debate.  Heck, today, that asshat Sacerdotus, when we started disagreeing with his typical Catholic rants and pointing out that it’s not the atheists who are out raping children, started calling for the Twitter police to come and ban us for making him unhappy.

Geez, I hate fucking stupid people.

6 thoughts on “Mine Ears Have Heard the Whining of the Loony Liberals”

  1. And you knew he was a loony "liberal" because? Of course you get people who's whole life is bent on opposing anything, call them trolls. How many "loony" conservatives are out there, it's not just liberals? Hell, what do I know I come that communist/socialist bastion called Canada and I do vote liberal but it is hard lately.

    1. Mostly because they said so? Not the loony part, of course, but certainly the liberal part. However, it is crazy, irrational behavior to attempt to debate a point by being accusatory and failing that, to find something, anything, that the other person has ever done "wrong" in their lives and then demand they're in no position to judge.

  2. Although this post had nothing to do with me and made no mention of me whatsoever, I have decided to be offended by it. I hereby accuse you of "liberal-shaming" me. I'm not sure what this means exactly, but I have learned that [insert noun of your choice]-shaming is a serious problem on the Internet. Now if I can just figure out how to turn my outrage at this imagined slight into a way to make money, I'd be set. Maybe I'll start an Internet forum called "Liberal+" and ban everyone who attempts to join.
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    1. I think you need to have a special donate button on your site so that your very faithful readers can make a donation to keep you in shoes.

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