Kids Without God

It’s a problem all religions will have to deal with.

I suppose it’s no surprise to learn that the Catholic Church really is clueless, in fact, I think we can expand that to virtually every church on the planet.  However, swooning from the massive rejection of the church by young people today, the RCC is panicking, trying to figure out how to get those youngsters through their doors so they can continue to fill the coffers.

The Pontifical Council for Culture has invited sociologists, web experts and theologians to a 3-day conference this weekend, aimed at studying “emerging youth cultures“.  It is designed to learn more about youth culture so that the church can better serve the needs of young people.  According to a working paper, the church risks “offering answers to questions that are not there if it doesn’t learn the cultural reality of young people.”

Seriously, sometimes it’s hard not to shake your head at a church whose entire existence is based around making claims about things that are not there, now it’s afraid to offer non-existent answers to questions nobody cares about?  There’s only so much help I can give to the institutionally delusional, but I’ll try.  For the most part, the young today just aren’t interested in your magical stories.  33% of people aged 18-28 describe themselves as non-religious and that number is growing.  The one question they’re not asking, and the only one that the church actually wants to answer, is “Does God exist?”

According to Rev. Melchor Sanchez de Toca, undersecretary of the Vatican’s culture department, the church’s ignorance is far-reaching, it is not just qualitative, but quantitative.  He says that the youth world has changed radically, but the church “is still offering what it has been offering for the past 500 years.  We keep on giving the same answers but the way questions are posed is now totally different.”

The problem for the church though isn’t that the questions are being posed differently, it’s that they’re just not being asked at all.  With the advancement of science, there’s really no reason to wonder about the existence of a magical man in the sky.  The questions that religion once provided heartfelt, if not factual answers to just aren’t necessary anymore.  Science has shown us the way to reality, we no longer benefit from imaginary emotional beliefs.

Of course, church officials just don’t get that at all.  They keep talking about changing the language and making things fun and colorful.  No!  It’s not the presentation of the stupidity that matters, it’s the fact that it’s all stupid!  You guys are touting primitive mythology and thinking the only thing wrong with it is how you dress it up for a modern audience.  Your failure is your mythology, not how you present it.

And that’s a problem that every religion is going to have to face sooner or later.  We’re seeing the first couple of generations of kids who just don’t need your voodoo dance.  Each generation from here on out will be less religious than the last and we’ll move inevitably closer and closer to a majority atheist society.

Won’t that be a wonderful thing?

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