Sanctimonious Shitbag Preacher Won’t Tip

Preacher Tip

Pastor Alois Bell of the of the St. Louis-based Truth in the World Deliverance Ministries went to the local Applebees for dinner, apparently received acceptable service, yet on her receipt, she wrote the following:  “I give God 10% why do you get 18?”  She then refused to leave any kind of a tip.

The server, deservedly pissed, uploaded the image to reddit and started an Internet blow up.  However, Bell was not at all sorry for her action, in fact, she called Applebees and insisted that everyone involved that night be fired for embarrassing her.

Embarrassing her?  Seriously?  Pastor, you embarrassed yourself!  Here’s a news flash for you, God didn’t serve your food.  I’d ask why you bother giving 10% to an imaginary friend in the sky that doesn’t demonstrably do a damn thing for you.

If you work in a restaurant and see this woman, spit in her food.

While Applebees refused to fire the entire wait staff that was there that night, they did fire the one waitress that posted it on reddit, saying that a customer’s information, including the check, is private and the waitress violated Applebee’s policy by putting it in the public eye.  Of course, there is now a national campaign to get Chelsea Welch re-hired by Applebees and I hope it succeeds.  Someone needs to show these religious fucktards that they don’t get to go stepping all over people because of their absurd beliefs.  Bell called what happened a “lapse in my character and judgment that has been blown out of proportion.”

Welch had, at first, tried to reign in the righteous anger of the reddit crowd, asking reddit to keep any personal details about Bell private, but since her dismissal, she’s unleashed the hounds and has put out a call to “grab them pitchforks”.  While I would never advocate violence toward Bell, her church, her parishioners or her family, I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t laugh if she got her stupid ass fired from her ministry over this.

But it’s not just Bell, waitstaff have weighed in from all over, saying this is very commonplace from the religious.  Many report receiving Bible tracts instead of tips, one laughed and said “wow, good thing my landlord is accepting annoying bits of scripture this month in lieu of actual money.”

Now I’m not saying all religious people do this, I’m sure it’s only a tiny percentage, but the fact that some do, they insist on smearing their religious beliefs in the face of people who serve them, screw them on a tip, and act like they’ve done nothing wrong, is just ridiculous.  If Bell had received bad service and written that on the check, it would be one thing, but saying that God gets 10% and Welch gets absolutely nothing is just absurd.

At least Welch exists.  You’ve got to give her some credit for that.


10 thoughts on “Sanctimonious Shitbag Preacher Won’t Tip”

    1. In the end, she did apologize, although I'm sure that's only because of the bad press and the potential ramifications of her actions on her employment. Still, I hope she ends up jobless as a result of this, she certainly deserves it.

      1. From what I understand, it was a large group that went to Applebees for dinner. There is in most resturants a minimum tip for a large group. This woman should've have known that. Normally there is more than one server for groups larger than 6. My last experience with this was a few years ago at an Applebees where there were tweleve of us and guess what? The minimum tip was 15 percent. We also had 2 servers pretty much dedicated to our table(s).

        1. Our local Applebees isn't that great so I never go there, but it is similar at other places, a gratuity is tacked on automatically for large parties. It is part of the bill and is not optional, if I was the server at the time, I would have gone back to the table and told the bitch she was paying 18% like it or not, she agreed to the bill when she brought all those people.

          1. In most of these places, you give your bill and credit card to a waitress and they run it for you and bring it back to the table. The only possible exception might be when paying cash, the "good" Reverend could have just left it on the table when everyone ran away to avoid being responsible.

          2. If the tip is part of the bill, as it clearly is in this case, it should be run as such. There is a space for an additional tip which could be run afterwards.

  1. "Bell called what happened a “lapse in my character and judgment that has been blown out of proportion.”–for what it is worth…I do not believe a word of that statement. That is just what people say when they get caught doing something wrong, embarrassing, or stupid. It reminds me of Lance Armstrong's Oprah Interview/apology. Like Bell, the only thing Lance is sorry for is that he got caught and embarrassed.

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