20 Resolutions Against Homosexuality

God's LoveI’ve been coming up with a lot of these lately and don’t see much evidence that it’ll be ending any time soon, so here goes yet another response to a religious website, this time the Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH), and an article they call “Resolutions for Pro-Family Advocates Battling the Homosexual Agenda in 2013.”  This group has put out a list of 20 resolutions which they claim will put America back on the path to gay-hating godliness.  How could I resist slogging through something like this?

Now let’s be honest, we shouldn’t expect any rational suggestions here, even before we look at them.  Hating gays is a wholly emotional, totally non-intellectual act to begin with, I don’t think that anyone who doesn’t already buy in to their hate-filled rhetoric is going to do anything but laugh at these resolutions.  In fact, I don’t know what’s going to be worse, how absurd the ideas are, or how badly they are phrased.  For a group that pretends to be professional, why do most of these resolutions sound like they were written by high school students?  Random capitalization, incomplete sentences and bad grammar abound, I suppose we should be thankful someone thought to send it through a spell-checker before posting it.

So let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Get OFF the defense, and back on offense — (get rid of that false guilt and incapacitating ambivalence; YOU are defending Truth; homosexual activists are promoting immorality, self-deception and lies).

    We’re not even going to get into how they know they are defending “truth” since we know they’re a bunch of gullible theists anyhow, but honestly, how are they going to go back to being offensive?  Okay, they are already offensive, but you know what I mean.  Other than standing around making fools of themselves like the Phelps family, what could they really do that wouldn’t get them tossed in prison?  Do they consider standing on street-corners, holding signs to be “on the offense”?  That’s more likely to piss people off than attract them to the cause.  The fact is, many, many, many more people support gay rights, including gay marriage, than reject it.  It is passing in state after state and it is likely that it will be a federal law in the not-too-distant future.  What do these people think they can do to stop it?  I guess they could pray, but I meant what can they seriously do in the real world to stop it?

  2. Follow God and not man (shore up your biblical beliefs) — do you fear God or the reaction of people?

    If they were really following God, they’d be killing gays in the streets, that’s what the Bible commands in Leviticus 20:13.  Of course, even evangelical Christianity has been largely neutered in the western world, they just can’t get away with having slaves (Exodus 21:2-6), killing disobedient children (Deuteronomy 21:18-21) or forcing rape victims to marry their rapists (Deuteronomy 22:28-29), among many other horrors found in the Good Book.  The fact is, most western Christians just lack the guts to do what the Bible clearly commands them to do, it’s easier to make excuses for why they can’t do what they think God wants them to do than to actually do it and deal with the consequences of their faith.  I actually would like to see them “follow God” here, make an attempt to do what is described in the Bible, so we  can pick them up, put them in prison for the rest of their lives and not have to deal with them anymore.  Of course, the argument  can be made that they really deserve to spend time in a mental hospital, since believing any of this nonsense clearly makes one mentally disturbed.

  3. “Question Authority”: Don’t trust elites — even “conservatives” — on the homosexual issue (e.g., Newt Gingrich’s recent capitulation urging a GOP accommodation on “marriage equality”). [See Numbers 9 and 12.]

    I love this one.  Question authority?  From the people who refuse to question the authority of the Bible?  From the people who blindly follow anything that a guy in a pulpit says every Sunday?  These people simply do not have the capacity to question authority, especially as we see it relating to #2.

  4. Get back to the BEHAVIOR and its consequences (try Googling “MSM [men who have sex with men], CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention], HIV” or “MSM, CDC, Syphilis”).

    Of course, they don’t mention the same consequences which are rampant in the heterosexual community.  These are the people who are convinced that HIV is a curse from God, yet can’t explain why innocent babies born to HIV positive mothers get it.  What did that baby do anyhow?  HIV is also found in people who have never had sex, but contracted it via blood transfusions.  You don’t see these fundamentalist shitbags crying about non-gays getting these diseases, do you?  You don’t see them yelling for increased funding for treatments and the development of cures, do you?  Of course not!  Some of those treatments and cures might be used on the evil gays!

  5. Get off the opponents’ playing field: it starts with restoring honest language in the debate. (e.g, counterfeit homosexual “marriage” is not equal to the real deal, so the “gay” term “Marriage Equality” is spurious).

    This is a hoot.  The only reason gay marriage isn’t equal to the real deal in their eyes is because they refuse to acknowledge it as such.  The fact is, gay marriage is 100% equivalent and, in fact, identical to straight marriage in real world situations.  But these people don’t live in the real world, do they?  They think that marriages are done in churches, when the fact is, you can walk down all the aisles in all the churches you want, you’re not really married until you get that piece of paper from the state.  Evangelicals live in a world where their beliefs become less and less applicable by the day, yet they cling desperately to values that are largely extinct.  It’s no wonder they’re so delusional.

  6. Recognize, dismiss and counter homosexual activists’ lies and propaganda (e.g, defending morality is neither “hate” nor bigotry).

    Unless someone tries to do it to them, then it’s all hate and bigotry.  Of course, nothing they say is a lie or propaganda, they’re just spewing the “truth” of the Bible, a truth which they are wholly unable to demonstrate.  Nothing they say can possibly be wrong, their views of “morality” are automatically correct and anyone who disagrees is automatically wrong.  The hypocrisy behind these people is overwhelming.

  7. Understand that this debate is really about homosexuality, not just “defending marriage.”

    The “debate” is about reality and their refusal to accept it as it actually is, not as they think their imaginary friend in the sky says it is.  The reality is, there are people who are gay.  They were born that way, they’ll live that way and they’ll die that way.  The percentage of gay people in society is probably virtually identical to the percentage of gay people in evangelical Christian churches, something that they’d vociferously deny, yet if you look down to point 20, they even recognize that anti-gay sentiments within religion is fading as well.

  8. [Corollary] Stay principled; take the pledge: I will NEVER say or do anything that affirms homosexual, bisexual or gender-confused (“transgender”) behavior as acceptable.

    Which simply demonstrates their lack of ability to deal with contradictory information or go where the evidence leads.  They’re not interested in the facts if they get in the way of their faith.

  9. Don’t rely on the Republicans or put their agenda before God’s — but instead push them to LEAD and do what’s right (and you moral Democrats need to fight evil within your party).

    While it’s probably a good idea not to count on the Republicans, they’re only after votes and the number of anti-bigot voters in society are falling fast.  I don’t think you can look to the Democrats either, for the same reason.  Politics are not your friend.

  10. Embrace and rally behind common sense; send political correctness packing (e.g., do transsexual men with fake breasts and real penises really belong in girls’ locker rooms?).

    Now that’s a laughable statement.  If you guys were embracing and rallying behind common sense, you wouldn’t hold the asinine beliefs you do.  And to be honest with you, I actually agree that pre-op transsexuals do not belong in opposite-sex locker rooms.  Once you’ve actually undergone sex-reassignment surgery, fine by me.  Until then, stay where your physical genitalia dictates.

  11. STOP assuming “gay” victories are inevitable and irreversible (and don’t succumb to the media’s intense pro-homosexual bias).

    In other words, stop living in the real world.  I’m sure they said the same thing about “black” victories back in the day.  However, if history teaches us anything, civil rights victories are, like it or not, inevitable and irreversible, no matter what imaginary friend you follow.  It’s not bias, it’s reality.

  12. [Related to #3] Think for yourself and don’t rely on FOX News to defend the Truth on homosexuality (e.g., did you know that Bill O’Reilly has pretty much switched sides?).

    Okay… FOX News… truth?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!  Okay, I’m done, really… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! <pant pant pant>  Alright, seriously this time.  FOX News is a television network that, like all networks, is after ratings.  It’s how they stay in business.  Bill O’Reilly, like all people with TV shows, is after ratings so he gets advertisers so he keeps getting a paycheck.  This is how television works.  It’s not about media bias, it’s about television realities.  The simple fact is, while FOX and O’Reilly have been catering to a right-wing evangelical Christian audience for a while, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that there just isn’t enough money in it, the evangelical crowd is hemorrhaging members left and right.  Therefore, FOX is slowly but surely moving closer to the center.  It’s a long, slow move, to be sure, but it is happening, just as traditionally left-wing news outlets like MSNBC are slowly moving away from the liberal wingnut toward a more mainstream audience.  The idea of bias in the media is largely illusionary, it’s all about ad revenue.

  13. Call out the liberal media and educational establishment on their routine pro-homosexual and anti-Christian bias.

    See #12.  You guys just don’t represent a large enough demographic for anyone to take you all that seriously.

  14. Educate a libertarian — on the clear and present threat that all pro-LGBT laws (including homosexual “marriage”) pose to civil liberties and religious freedom.

    It would be nice if we could educate libertarians, at least the most extreme of them, but I’ve found that about as pointless a gesture as trying educate an evangelical.  One thing I would love to have them explain to me, how does allowing gays the ability to marry at all, in any way, shape or form, affect religious freedom?  Please explain that to me.  Evangelicals don’t get to impose their religion on other people and gay marriage doesn’t change their ability to choose to marry someone of the opposite sex.  So please, explain this to me, it makes no sense.

  15. Educate a pro-lifer about the threat of the far-reaching homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda (many pro-lifers are naive or ignorant about the homosexual agenda and its many parallels to their core concern).

    Which agenda is this?  The agenda in your own head?  It seems that’s all it is.  I suppose it’s no surprise that for a group of people who are deluded by ancient myths, where they simply invent explanations out of whole cloth when faced with a difficult question, that they shouldn’t just make up a bunch of nonsense to support their beliefs.  That’s the case here.  There is no homosexual-bisexual-transgender agenda and they can’t produce any evidence that there is.  Sure, you might find a few extremists who have far-reaching plans, but they certainly don’t talk for all gays, any more than you idiots speak for all straights.  In fact, you can find more than a few Christian extremists who have violent plans, does that mean we can generalize and say all Christians are terrorists?  If you won’t agree with that, then you shouldn’t expect people to agree with your load of nonsense.

  16. Be a thoughtful, truly compassionate Christian (tough, godly love requires that you uphold biblical sexual values and firmly guide your loved one away from embracing sinful, destructive — and changeable — behaviors).

    Well, assuming you define Christianity narrowly, sure.  Of course, lots of Christians do not do so and you have no way to prove that your way is the right way.  In fact, let’s not forget that you have no way to prove that anything about your religion is actually true.

  17. Be a Happy Warrior and understand the big picture: defending Truth is VIRTUOUS, and besides: it’s not our truth, it’s God’s (and don’t play into our opponent’s stereotype of Christians as self-righteous, angry prudes).

    Defending delusion, apparently, is virtuous, since you can’t prove any of what you say is factually true.  That’s what really pisses me off about this load of nonsense, it’s just a bunch of mindless assertions, claims made without a shred of evidence, demanded to be truth without proof,

  18. Don’t be lazy: THINK!…then act (refuting “gay” myths, shibboleths and talking points is not rocket science).

    I’d be happy if they were able to think at all, unfortunately they are not.  They’re only willing to embrace their absurd beliefs and reject anything that disagrees with them out of hand.

  19. Patiently engage a young person on the “H” issue: are they entitled to reinvent centuries of Judeo-Christian tradition and teaching on love, relationships, family, and marriage? (Answer: no, but we first need to understand the cultural zeitgeist through which they view the world — and the steady stream of LGBT misinformation they are imbibing — before we can respond to it).

    What is the “H” issue?  Surely they can’t be afraid to say “homosexuality”, it’s something they’ve said in virtually every one of these points, why did they get to #19 and decide “oh no, we can’t say that word!”  I don’t know, maybe they’re embarrassed, considering they turn around and make a ludicrous falsehood in the same sentence.  Just look in the Bible, the majority of the Old Testament violates the supposed Judeo-Christian traditions, doesn’t it?  Multiple wives, concubines, prostitutes, having sex with slaves, all of it is not only fine and dandy with the Jews, it’s apparently supported by God.  The teachings on love, relationships, family and marriage are really a relatively recent thing in history and the fact is, religion co-opted marriage, it’s been a purely secular practice for longer than your ridiculous religion has been on the planet.  Society is absolutely entitled to reinvent the short time you guys have had your fingers in the marriage pie, society can reinvent anything it wants, whenever it wants.  Where did you idiots get the idea that you had control over all of the culture?

  20. Reserve your greatest outrage for those who affirm homosexuality in the name of God (the “gay Christianity” movement is a sham and they must be held to a higher standard).

    So wait a minute, the “gay Christianity” movement must be held to a higher standard?  A higher standard than what?  Than you?  I’ll be happy if both of you will just follow the Bible.  No more wearing mixed fabrics, no more eating shellfish, you’d better murder witches and disobedient children in the streets, all of that’s in there.  If you’re going to be bitching about people who aren’t following the Bible the way you want, I’m perfectly justified in expecting you to follow the Bible the way I want you to.  Seems to me there’s something in John 8:7 about being without sin before you go lobbing rocks.

The fact is, all of this is laughable, it’s like people who believe in unicorns yelling at people who believe in leprechauns for having faith in something absurd.  Evangelical Christians, and indeed, all theists, believe in the equivalent of unicorns, yet are totally oblivious to that fact.  It doesn’t matter what it says in your ancient book of mythology, it’s just not true and none of the things you believe have any basis in fact, are not supported by evidence, nor are at all credible in reality.

Too bad you people just don’t get that.

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