Religion: It’s Not Hurting Anyone!

Right and wrongDo you ever get that  from theists and accomodationists when you try to point out that the things they believe are factually incorrect?  It really doesn’t matter what you point out, from the most insignificant to the most important, so long as they believe it, you’d better just shut up and pretend what they believe is the greatest thing ever, or else!

It’s like taking a child in school, who strongly  believes that 1+1=5.  They might wish that 1+1=5.  They might be convinced that their happiness hinges upon 1+1=5.  In fact, they might derive the greatest pleasure from that belief.  However, that belief is incorrect.  1+1 does not equal 5, no matter how strongly they believe it.  Therefore, on a test, they will be marked incorrect for giving that answer, as they should.  According to the theists and accomodationists, it’s how the kid feels about the answer that matters, it’s not hurting anyone that he believes that!

No, he’s still wrong!

It’s like they think that being factually correct is optional.  It doesn’t matter!  It has no more relevance than being wrong.  So long as you’re not holding a gun to someone’s head and making them convert, you ought to be  able to believe anything you want!  As much as I hate to bring this up, it really feels like the liberal idea that ruined schooling for decades.  Pass kids on to the next grade whether they know the material or not.  Learning doesn’t matter, it’s their self-esteem that counts!  And look at the state of American education today because of it.

The fact is, religion does hurt people.  Some people are hurt physically, you can go look in the Religious Horror Show for examples of that.  Some people are hurt emotionally.  The majority, however, are hurt intellectually.  They are made to think that logic and reason are not important, that believing things for emotional reasons, even if they cannot be validated rationally, is an acceptable thing.  It stops people from evaluating their beliefs based on logic and evidence, it stops people from applying the single standard we already have for examining claims, instead pushing them to develop a second, opposite standard by which they look at their religion.  This is harm, people, no two ways about it.  It’s as harmful as an abused woman thinking she deserves the abuse.  Religion really is an abusive relationship, especially religion in the west.  It asserts that man is inherently bad, that mankind can never do anything good and must rely on an imaginary friend in the sky and follow it’s dictates in order to do anything but fry in an eternal skillet.  Religion advocates a certain amount of self-loathing, inherent in the belief system.  This is not harmful?

I beg to differ.

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