Horror Show Sunday: Help, I Seem to Be on Fire!

burned-koranIt’s those loveable Muslims again and their overactive adoration for that silly book of theirs in the news again.  This time, a mob of pissed off Muslim men broke into a police station, seized a mentally-unstable man who was accused of burning a Qu’ran, took him outside, beat him to death and lit him on fire.  Let’s make this clear, this is not a couple of bad eggs out to ruin everyone’s fun, this is a lynch mob more than 200 strong who decided that the police, who had taken the man into custody for possibly violating the nation’s absurd blasphemy laws, wasn’t doing nearly enough so they broke into the jail, destroyed public property, injured police officers, absconded with a man who was described as mentally disturbed, took him out in the street, beat him to death and then torched the lifeless body!

Just a bunch of fun-loving guys, huh?

Local police official Bihar-ud-Din said the homeless unidentified, and probably now unidentifiable man was arrested after residents complained that he had burned a Qu’ran in a local mosque where he was staying for the night.  Police had not had time to question the man or to verify his guilt when the mob descended upon the police station where officers reportedly fought to keep him from being taken away but were overwhelmed by the mob.

Police report that 30 people suspected in the attack have been arrested and the police chief and seven officers have been suspended pending an investigation.

At least 53 people have been murdered in Pakistan since 1990 after being accused of blasphemy, according to the Center for Research and Security Studies, and accusations are becoming more frequent.  People have been arrested just for talking about Islam, making a mistake on their homework discussing Islam or failing to join in protests against those who supposedly insult Islam.  In the past two years, two senior Pakistani officials who suggested changing the laws on blasphemy have been killed in cold blood, one shot dead by his own bodyguard.  The judge who sentenced the bodyguard was forced to flee the country in order to avoid being killed.

My, don’t you love what a peaceful religion Islam is?

Fuck Islam and fuck Muhammed.

3 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Help, I Seem to Be on Fire!

  1. Stories like this enrage me. Sadly, they are all too common. It is why I get so frustrated when people say something to the effect of, 'Why do you care about other people's religions, they don't bother you"–Bullshit they don't….tell that to the burned guy!

    This is what societies look like when religion is allowed to run rampant. Lets not allow the "good" Christians to forget what the world looked like in the Middle Ages…they have the capacity to be just as vile.
    My recent post Evidence for God

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