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Twitter-HelpSpurred on by a post over on Atheist Revolution, I started looking into a way to get a better handle on my blog/Twitter integration.  I really don’t like how I’ve been doing it but I haven’t found a better solution either.  Currently, I have a widget for Twitter, which automatically sends a tweet for each new post.  I also use the internal publicize settings which sends a copy of the new post to my Tumblr account and then Tumblr sends another announcement via Twitter for every new post.  That means that, at the moment, I get two announcements, often one immediately after the other, on Twitter.  I hate that.

Now I could just let Tumblr announce it, but that will direct people to my Tumblr account, not my blog.  I still want Tumblr to announce posts I do to Tumblr and I want people who visit my Tumblr account to see posts I put here.  I cannot figure out how to get Tumblr to only selectively send announcements of things that I post on Tumblr, but not blog posts.  Also, while the same feature I have that does Tumblr can also do straight Tweets, and it used to do that for a while until I realized I was getting posts sent 3 times each, that widget doesn’t allow me to direct tweets anywhere but to my own timeline, I want to be able to send them to hashtags as well, such as #atheism or #atheist.

But it gets worse.  Because I auto-post my blog posts daily at 12:10am local time, my tweet announcements get lost at a time when most people are in bed, which is why I’m looking for a better solution.  Ideally, I’d like to automatically generate another tweet about 12 hours later when it will be more visible.  As long as I’m doing that, and this is where vjack’s post got me thinking, I figured I might as well start retweeting about older posts, maybe attract a few new readers.  I have only looked briefly at SocialOomph so far, but I have links to Hootsuite and Buffer, but before I go digging into them in detail, I want to know if they do what I need them to do.  Essentially what I want is be able to select a group of posts and have them be retweeted at random intervals.  That means I don’t want to have it post every Monday at 4:45pm, I would like it to post at random days and times, and be able to post to specified hashtags, to make it more likely different groups of people get to see it.  I do not want to have to go in week after week and set up a specific date and time for each article, I want this to be generally automated.  From what I saw on SocialOomph, it allowed you to pre-schedule tweets, but it looked all manual.

And finally, although I get the idea that nobody will have any ideas, ever since I set up the secondary non-atheist @Cephus404 account, I haven’t been able to find any good hashtags to watch or follow.  With atheism, I can just follow #atheism and get a good selection of subject matter of general interest to atheists.  I haven’t been able to find a general purpose hashtag on, say, TV shows or geeky topics or fandom.  In fact, I did look at #fandom and it seemed to be primarily for fanfic writers.  No thanks.  TV shows seem to have their own hashtags and mostly, in my short experience, are inhabited by official tweet-bots that spew authorized content and nothing else.  There’s very little actual discussion going on.  I’m currently watching #woodworking, but again, it’s mostly companies spamming “buy crap from us” messages.  If anyone could point me in a promising direction, I’d appreciate it.

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    1. I know I'll have to do the initial setup manually, I just didn't want to have to sit down every single week and set up 50 posts to tweet that week, I want it to be more or less automatic once I've done all the initial work. These programs are supposed to make my life easier, not harder. 🙂

        1. Yeah, I'm giving it a shot, it lets you buffer up to 10 pages at a time and send out 4 tweets a day at specified times. We'll see how it works out. Thanks for the suggestion.

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