Horror Show Sunday: Hack ’em Up For Allah

Boko Haram Violence
Oh look, it’s Islam, the Religion of Peace, being Peaceful again!

It’s not often you get to do stories about new horrors by the same groups in the Religious Horror Show.  Other than a couple of cases where members of the same fundamentalist group pray for their kids instead of taking them to the doctor, there aren’t many common threads among the stories I tell, except that religion is stupid.

But I did mention the Muslim extremist group Boko Haram before, in a story on Muslims killing Christians in Nigeria.  Well here they go again!

Let’s talk about Boko Haram first though, they have a long, long history of violence in Nigeria, attacking Christians, simply for being Christian.  They are also known as ‘People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad.”  They are, clearly, a jihadist group, based in northeast Nigeria, who openly oppose science, man-made laws and other religions.  It’s stated purpose, since it’s inception in 2001, is to forcibly impose sharia law in Nigeria.  It’s unknown exactly how many people they’ve killed in Nigeria, estimates range between 3000-10,000 in total, but just in the first six months of 2012, they claimed responsibility for more than 500 murders in Nigeria.  You have to keep in mind that Boko Haram isn’t just some Muslim military unit that goes around fighting wars against Christians, they seek out Christians, military or civilian doesn’t matter, and kill them, simply because they are non-Muslims.  In my previous story, I reported how they drove a bomb-laden jeep into a Christian church, killing 8 and injuring 100.  In January, 2012, they performed a well-orchestrated attack against the city of Kano, where they killed 211 people with bombings and firearm massacres.  On Christmas eve this year, they murdered 12 Christians by lighting their church on fire.  Less than a week later, they murdered another 15 Christians who were worshiping, many of them had their throats slit.

But it’s not just in Nigeria that there are problems.  On December 3, Boko Haram murdered ten Christians in Borneo using machetes and firearms.  Here’s a news story from Boko Haram violence in 2011.

[youtuber youtube=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25dL1Wj-ygg’]

But now, the Nigerian government is striking back.  On January 1, 2013, they lashed out against Boko Haram, killing 13 members in an assault in the northwestern town of Maiduguri.  Under a new, official program called the “Joint Task Force Operation Restore Order,” government forces hope to drive back the Boko Haram muderers, calling their actions “incessant, callous, brutal, barbaric and impious killings.”

With any luck, the government will succeed in blasting apart this absurd Muslim cult and putting all of it’s members down like the rabid dogs they are.  While I have no love for Christianity, I have to wonder if Nigerian Christians would agree with the sentiment that “religion doesn’t hurt anyone”?

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