I Miss the Damn Trampolines!

TrampolinesOkay, here’s the scene.  My wife and kids are driving down to my mother’s house on Christmas morning and we pass this place on the freeway that says something about competitive trampolining.  Stupid concept I know, but it got us talking about way back in the old days when we were growing up, when places had big open-air trampolines that you could go jump on.  For me, it was a miniature golf course with a massive golfer out front  that not only had a slew of these trampolines but one of those big slides that you went down on squares of carpet.

Today, those places would never survive.  We’ve turned into such a litigious society.  The second anyone ever got hurt, no matter how many rules they were violating, no matter how stupid they were acting, the business would get sued out of existence.

We both agree that things are just too damn safe and sanitized these days.  Yes, sometimes someone would get hurt at one of these places, but mostly, it was the people who did stupid things, who had no grasp of self-preservation, that deserved what they got.  It was survival of the fittest, kids who had common sense didn’t get injured, the ones that were morons did.  I think we need a way to separate the stupid from the wise in today’s world.  The wise don’t need to be protected from themselves, the stupid ought to get their defective genes out of the gene pool.

We’ve turned into an absurd culture, where everyone is considered too dumb to think for themselves and certainly, nobody can ever be responsible for their own actions, we all have to slide down to the lowest common denominator, to be as helpless and stupid as the worst society has to offer.  There can be no better expectation of people, no matter what you do.  Even if you post rules, even if you have people sign legally binding wavers, the second they do something mindless and get hurt, the lawsuits fly.

And you wonder why I hate the long, slow slide into liberaldom we’ve been doing for the past 30 years?  I miss those damn trampolines.

3 thoughts on “I Miss the Damn Trampolines!”

  1. We are too sheltering of a culture, and we are a culture that doesn't like people talking responsibility for their actions either.

    There's so many families anymore that want to treat their children like children well into adulthood, and then can't figure out why they won't act like adults, get a job, move out of the house, etc.

    Well, it's not surprising when you not only wouldn't make them take responsibility for themselves, and learn how to be independent , but you wouldn't let them take responsibility sometimes even when they wanted to do so. What do you expect?
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    1. Yes, the helicopter parents, I've written about that in the past, how parents refuse to allow their children to grow up and become mature, responsible adults. In fact, my cousins are exactly that way, my aunt and uncle forced them to act exactly as they wanted and refused to ever let them make a mistake. Their entire lives were charted out for them. Now, in their 40s, both of them are still single, still live at home and have dead-end pointless jobs. One of them has a boyfriend and the understanding is, if they get married, he will be required to move in because my cousin has no intention of ever moving out.

      It's just sad.

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