My New Year’s Resolution

New-Years-ResolutionI’m going to make it simple this year, I have only one resolution and I’m going to work hard to keep it.  Normally I don’t bother with these things at all, not because I don’t improve myself, but because I don’t feel the need to announce it.  However, after all the things I’ve seen in the past couple of months, enough is enough.

Therefore, my resolution for 2013 is to stop caring about Atheism+ fanatics.  I am going to clear my blogroll of blogs that constantly chase the Atheism+ feminists around, I’m going to stop listening to podcasts that talk about them constantly and I’m going to unfollow all of the Tweeters who can’t stop being assholes and insulting the Atheism+ morons.

I’m done.

There has been a climate of hatred coming from both sides of the argument.  It was one thing when it was just the idiots of Atheism+ running around calling people misogynists and telling anyone who didn’t agree to slink back into the sewers.  We knew they were immature morons and I admit it was sort of fun to watch them jump around like a bunch of spastic, brain-damaged squirrels.  Back at the beginning, it was entertaining to see people intelligently deconstruct the absurdity of their arguments and point out how batshit insane they were.  It’s no longer as much fun because most of the intelligent commentary is gone and now it’s just a bunch of ranting monkeys screaming at their monitors.  There are websites dedicated to doing nothing but scrutinizing every tweet and every post done by the Atheism+ crowd and laughing at it.  There are podcasts that take an inordinate amount of time every single episode to inform us of the latest faux pas made by Rebecca Watson, or how idiotic PZ Myers is being this week.  There are an endless array of Twitter accounts that exist solely to call Atheism+ members names.

It’s like following around a bunch of 5-year olds screaming “you’re a poopie-head!” at each other.  It’s hard enough debating with theists who do that, I have no interest in doing it with atheists.  Therefore, it’s time for them to go.

The problem, and painful part of all of this, is that some of these people I am friends with, some of them I have great respect for, outside of their constant attention toward Atheism+.  Some of these podcasts I enjoy listening to.  I even enjoy some of the blogs.  I’ve just had enough though, not only do I think Atheism+ has run it’s course, I think that their continued existence just plays off of all the attention it gets, the people who make constant fun of it just validates the beliefs of the radical feminists and makes them stronger, or at least more vocal.  When your whole spiel is based on the belief that you’re downtrodden and not respected, getting stepped on and insulted constantly is just fuel for your fire.

So I’m done.  Effective some time on the 1st, I’ll be scrubbing that nonsense from my life.  That’s not to say that if Atheism+ does something stupid, I’m not going to comment on it, but I’m not going to be following the hate brigade around.  You people need a life.

2 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolution

  1. I just posted my short list of what I'd like to do differently in 2013. I wish I had read this first. I'm feeling the same way. Although I am sure I will continue to address blatant irrationality and bad behavior among the FtB/Skepchick/Atheism+ crowd periodically, I'll be doing so much less often. It has become tiring, and there just isn't much left to say on the matter. I have a post I've already written on why attempts to discuss feminism crash and burn that I haven't published yet, and I have another I've already written about the issue of expertise. Aside from these, I hope to step away from this stuff for awhile and focus on more important matters.
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    1. As I said over on your blog, the whole reason I do this is to have fun, if I stop having fun, I\’m going to stop doing this. I don\’t come here day after day for frustration, I don\’t do it to make money, I do it because I enjoy it. Last year, I enjoyed it a little less because of the stupidity surrounding Atheism+. I\’m not doing that again.

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