A Couple of Changes

twitter-unfollowAs I’ve said previously, I am going to be making some changes around here and I wanted to keep anyone who cares up to date.

  1. I’ve created a new Twitter account, @Cephus404, specifically for non-atheist posts, I’ll typically do more geeky things there and any geeky-tweeters I was following before have been moved to this account.  I’ve done this specifically so that geeks who don’t care about religion, or who are religious, will not be bothered by anti-religious tweets and atheists, who don’t care about geeky stuff won’t have to deal with that either.  As you can see, I’ve already added it to my sidebar.
  2. I will be deleting any website or podcast which focuses to any large degree on Atheism+ from my blogroll and I will be redoing my blogroll, both to add things I’ve been meaning to add but haven’t gotten around to it, and hopefully to update it’s look.  As of this writing, I haven’t found a widget that I like, but I haven’t looked that hard either.
  3. On Twitter, I will be unfollowing anyone who focuses to any large degree on Atheism+, especially those who seem to exist only to attack Atheism+ and it’s adherents.
  4. In my personal blog-reading, I will be deleting those blogs that, again, focus to any large degree on Atheism+, especially those who are stalkerish or who sit around and call them names.  Blogs which may, on occasion, rationally and intellectually analyze things going on in the Atheism+ world are safe.

In all of this, I want to stress, especially to those who get unfollowed or deleted, that it’s nothing personal, I am making a choice to walk away from the negativity on both sides of the Atheism+ issue.  It’s just gotten far too childish.  I will not be posting a list of things that have been deleted but those who are concerned or notice that they have been unfollowed are more than welcome to have a discussion with me on the subject.

The atheist community ought to be better.  It’s sad that, at the moment, it is not.  This is exactly why I refuse to count myself among the active atheist community, I do not want to be a part of the immature behavior that I see.  I expect better than that.

4 thoughts on “A Couple of Changes”

    1. It's a constant thing on Twitter, or at least it was until I unfollowed a lot of people who did it. Now, I have 3-4 people who, while they don't really ever mention it themselves, they retweet people who do, which is annoying, but I don't want to lose what they have to say otherwise.

        1. To be honest, it isn't the people who subscribe to the stupid ideas of Atheism+ (not what they wanted to accomplish but how it all turned out) that bother me as much as the idiots who think flinging poo at them and acting like a bunch of brain-damaged asshats is funny. It's not.

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