Will Christianity Slip Again in 2013?

Religion: A dead end with no hope. Fantastic we can now see that.

With the new year starting tomorrow, it seems to be a promising start with predictions that Christianity will continue to lose ground to secularists.  It’s only a matter of time until the non-religious people will overtake them, especially given the kind of ground that the non’s have gained over the past couple of years.  I never thought that in my life, I’d see the kind of advancement we’ve seen in just the last decade, where the non-religious measure about 20% of the population at large.  In every single Pew study that has been done, the non-religious claim a larger slice of the pie and I’ve thought things will have to plateau, the phenomenal number of atheists coming out of the woodwork can’t continue to grow, can it?

Then I realized that something I’ve been saying for years is probably truer than even I had thought.  I’ve been a proponent of the concept of the “social Christian”, the people who take on the label of Christianity, go through the motions of Christianity, yet really don’t believe it, they are simply trying to look good to the neighbors.  However, as time goes on, it’s become clear to me, at least, that lots of people who have spent their lives playing pretend theists are realizing they don’t have to keep putting on the religious mask, it’s okay to be honest and admit they are actually non-religious.  The question is, how many actual theists are out there and how many have just been playing the part?  As more and more people make it known that they’re not religious, I think it will encourage others to come out and be honest until the majority of formerly fake-theists have stopped hiding their identities.

When that might be is anyone’s guess, but I honestly suspect that the non-religious numbers will continue to grow for quite a few years to come and we may become the largest individual group by percentage.  We’re already #3.  And won’t that be a wonderful thing?


2 thoughts on “Will Christianity Slip Again in 2013?”

    1. I really thought this would be a slow, cumulative effect, that maybe over the course of a century, we might start to see the first small changes. I really didn't think we'd be at the point we're at now in my lifetime. Now I just want things to hurry up!

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