I’m Tired of Atheist Douchebags Too!

Dont Do ThatI spend a lot of time talking about crappy theists and how awful they can be to each other and to those who they disagree with.  I’m not even talking about the extremists, the people who end up in the Religious Horror Show and the like, just theists who attack the non-religious, or the otherly-religious, on a regular basis online.

But now, I’m seeing the same behavior from atheists toward other atheists.  It’s bad enough watching atheists trolling theists but when it’s atheists going after atheists, enough is enough.  Oh sure, I know what you’re saying, the Atheism+ crowd started it and I will agree.  The majority of the most vocal people in Atheism+ are complete and total assholes and that goes for Rebecca Watson, Ophelia Benson, Surly Amy, PZ Myers and all their minions.  You’ve got Greg Laden out trying to drop dox on everyone because it apparently turns him on.  We know these people are sleazeballs and by and large, the rational atheist community has complained about it quite loudly.

So why are so many atheists on the other side doing it right back to them?  Do they not understand that the way to get assholes to stop being assholes is not to be assholes back to them?  Twitter is filled with people who are being rude and obnoxious and spending their time following the Atheism+ crowd around with a magnifying glass so they can make fun of anything they say.  I’d like to think that Atheism+ would just go away if people would stop paying attention to them but there are two podcasts and a pile of blogs that do nothing but focus on everything they do.

I suppose I wouldn’t mind if they were going after them intelligently, rationally disecting everything that Atheism+ says, pointing out the fallacies unemotionally, but I see so much that is just a mirror of what Atheism+ does to everyone else.  Someone on the Atheism+ side drops dox on someone, the anti-Atheism+ side does the same back.  They spend all their time on Twitter just screaming obscenities at each other.  There are blogs that, honestly, border on stalkerdom because they are following every blog post on every forum, every Tweet, everything on every Atheism+ Facebook wall, every blog article until they find something that can be used to insult the Atheism+ feminists.  How is that any better than the careless flinging around of “misogynist”?  Right now, there are Tweets flying by telling people to go give Greg Laden’s book a bad rating on Amazon, just because they don’t like him.  I’m sure none of these people have even read the book, but they’re doing all they can to hurt his livelihood, just to piss him off.

You people all need to grow the hell up.  I would never go out and purposely try to harm another person, no matter how much I disagree with them, even if they did it to me first.  When Fred Phelps finally kicks the bucket, I don’t advocate people going and picketing his funeral or anything like that.  It’s shitty when they do it, it’s no less shitty if we do it in return.  Likewise, no matter how much stupid crap Atheism+ pulls, that doesn’t warrant the opposition to do the same thing back.  I’d like to think we’re better than they are, that we can take the high road.

Too bad it seems like I’m wrong.

17 thoughts on “I’m Tired of Atheist Douchebags Too!

  1. I agree, major atheist bloggers have had a nasty habit lately of turning on each other, and it's mostly the Atheism + crowd fueling it.

    As far as the Atheism +/FTB crowd goes, sometimes I think the Amish have the right idea with "shunning". Cut them off, don't even acknowledge them, I think for the most part the attention and the opposition fuels them, much like fundamentalists get a persecution complex and double down on their shenanigans when you argue with them, it convinces them more that they are right.
    My recent post Congratulations To Chicago Magazine for a Great Report on the IFB

  2. You're right. I'm sick of all the crap too, and there are some people out there that spam like hell over every little thing an A+er says. We need to stop paying attention to these imbeciles. I just block and unfollow them on Twitter and move on. I'm not even looking at the hashtags anymore.

  3. I said my piece as objectively as possible the first week or so of A+. I've ignored it since. The "atheosphere" has become so toxic that I barely give a damn anymore. Nearly everyone annoys me. Over at Left Hemispheres we have become somewhat insular and just do our own thing.
    My recent post Sam Harris – "It Is Always Now"

  4. Agreed. This whole thing would be nothing more than a few Atheism +ers crying "I'm gonna take my ball and go home cuz you won't play atheism the way I wanna play it!" If other atheists had just ignored their divisive plans in the first place. Now there's a whole bunch of people aligning themselves with groups that most rational people would consider douchebags just to oppose a movement that really deserves no more attention than a whiney child in the first place.

  5. Perhaps its a demonstration that the people who claim to be "rational thinkers" really aren't that more rational than anyone else (theist included).

    I find anyone making such claims is actually the opposite, why claim what you already are unless you aren't but need to feel like you are.

    However one thing that does need to be said is that if this is what it takes for you guys to think enough is enough, will the same feelings be invoked when such behavior is used towards theists? Or will this be a display of double standards, (its ok for atheists to abuse theists but not fellow atheists).

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