Horror Show Sunday: The Jews Get Into Kiddy Diddling

Nechemya WebermanThere are lots of cases of Christian clergy sexual abuse, there are lots of cases of Muslim child molestation, but there aren’t that many cases of Jewish religious minor rape, although they certainly do happen.  Here’s a case right now.

In Brooklyn, New York, in the largest Hassidic Jewish community in the country, Nechemya Weberman has been found guilty on 59 felony counts of sexually abusing a teenage girl, reportedly forcing her to re-enact porn scenes.  It’s made somewhat worse by the fact that Nechemya Weberman sits on the secretive Satmar Hassidic council dedicated to imposing morality on the young.

The girl, who has remained unnamed because of her age, reports that the abuse started in 2007 at the age of 12, when the girl started attending sessions in his home office with Weberman, an unlicensed Jewish “therapist”, he started showing her porn videos and demanding that she re-enact scenes.  Her only “crime” was violating the secretive sect’s rules, she asked questions about her faith, started dressing “immodestly” and got interested in boys.  The horror!  During the 3-year “relationship”, she was forced to perform oral sex on Weberman and masturbate for him, all the while her parents were paying him nearlt $13,000 in fees which he admits he used to fund his children’s schooling and buy lingerie.

There are now other girls who have started coming forward with claims of abuse toward Weberman.  To date, no other charges have been filed as girls are terrified of being ejected from the secretive group for talking to outside authorities.

Perhaps worse, we’ve seen several other Hassidic Jews trying to bribe the girl to drop the case and when that didn’t work, to intimidate her by posting pictures of her on the Internet.  Three ultra-orthodox Jewish men were arraigned on charges of witness tampering and intimidation, one of them, Joseph Fried, stated, “Even if it’s true, he shouldn’t go to jail, a Jew doesn’t belong in jail.”  Fried and several others are accused of offering a $500,000 bribe to the girl and her new husband to make the case go away and when that didn’t work, they stripped the kosher certification from her husband’s restaurant in order to make life difficult on them.

“The veil of secrecy has been lifted,” said Charles J. Hynes, the Brooklyn district attorney. “The wall that has existed in parts of these communities has now been broken through. And as far as I’m concerned, it is very clear to me that it is only going to get better for people who are victimized in these various communities.”

Weberman was found guilty on all 59 charges, which included counts of sustained sexual abuse of a child and endangering the welfare of a child. He faces a maximum of 117 years in prison.  Sentencing occurs early next year.

This is what happens when the outside world is not allowed, or is afraid to look closely at religious groups, when people think religion ought to be left alone to operate as it sees fit, you get abuse occurring and you get the community trying desperately to keep it’s problems internal.  This has happened with the Catholic Church, whose official policy was never to report sexual abuse cases to the police but to have it handled in secret church trials, this is more the norm than the exception.

How much longer until we stop allowing religion to get away with things that no other  group would ever achieve?

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    1. While I'm sure he's going to stay in prison until he dies, the fact is, you get lots of religious people who think he ought to get out just because he's religious and religious people can do no wrong. It's absurd, but there are lots of Catholic churches that wholeheartedly support their child-molesting priests even after it's absolutely proven that they're guilty, just because they're "men of God".

      1. You are totally right, that type of thinking is so hard for me to understand. When people like me do terrible things I find it embarrassing and want to distance myself from them. If I was part of that church I would insist he get a strong sentence and try to send the message that he was an aberration. I certainly wouldn't want to protect him and send the message that I support his behavior. bizarre.

        My recent post Jude: When all else fails, use fear

        1. The problem is, you're thinking rationally. Knock it off. In many churches, perhaps most, the congregation is taught, indirectly of course, that the clergy can do no wrong and that questioning what the clergy does is as bad as questioning their faith. Men of faith can do no wrong, just like God can do no wrong, even though what God does is often horribly abhorrent.

          1. I guess that is why religion never stuck with me. I certainly was raised with the thought that certain people deserved my respect, but I've always felt that if they did wrong they could lose my respect. I wonder if that was just my instinct or if it was taught to me…guess there's no real way to know. I just know that if I supported someone on one day, and then on another day they embarrassed me I'd be pissed at them.
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          2. I know that there was a time when I afforded more respect toward certain people, simply because of their position, and that religious leaders were one of those people that just got more respect because they had dedicated themselves to their faith. I guess the idea was, they're held to a higher calling, thus God is going to make them behave themselves. We unfortunately know this just isn't the case and many clergy members blatantly abuse their power and position for personal gain, I'm convinced, because they know all this God stuff is just nonsense anyhow.

  1. The clergy use they're power over the sheeple to control them.The shepherds of the flock are f@cking the sheeple,and the sheeple accept their fate.Mindless animals who come to slaughter.That is what a person of faith is.They hold up they're ancient bronze age book of Jewish lies,and fairytale a Greek myth about another god man,and reject reality.They are all a bunch of delusional butt monkeys who deserve they're fate of ignorance.

      1. While at least the Jewish community doesn't have a massive religious organization to sweep things under the rug before they get to the public, they have an equally bad problem, that every time you accuse a Jew of anything, no matter how heinous, you get tons of Jews coming out and screaming how anti-Semitic it is.

        Dude, I don't care if he's a Jew and you think Jews ought to get off scot-free, he raped someone! Get over yourself.

        1. Huh? I am not suppoting him and I posed a question on how many others he raped and it got covered up.
          "every time you accuse a Jew of anything, no matter how heinous, you get tons of Jews coming out and screaming how anti-Semitic it is."

          I could not agree more with that comment

          He is a sick person. You took my comment the wrong way

          1. I didn't take it the wrong way at all, I pointed out that the Jews don't have the same kind of mechanism that Catholics do for covering up bad-doings, there isn't some sort of central Jewish authority that can move molesting Jews around to other Synagogues. What they do have, however, is the "Holocaust card" which they play with great abandon, whenever a Jew gets accused of something. "Haven't Jews suffered enough!"

            No, not really. Not when they're out raping kids they haven't.

          2. They always use the holocaust card. It is complete BS that they use it to get away for being so blood thirsty

          3. Yup, it's all blood thirsty. I hope you're not suggesting that because there are suicide bombers in the world, that somehow this guy ought to be able to molest a girl?

          4. I doubt it, most of the people and groups featured in the Religious Horror Show are those who think their religion grants them the right or ability to do the things they do, they're not concerned with human justice, they think they are above it. In this case. you have a lot of Hassidic Jews who are arguing that Jews should never be sent to prison, no matter what the crime, simply because they are Jews. When you have that kind of mindset prevalent among a group of people, especially when it's prevalent among a religious group whose beliefs are not open to rational challenge, you are going to have cases like this. This is hardly the first Jew who has been arrested for molesting kids and it's certainly not the first time the Jewish community has come out screaming that the Holocaust ought to be a "get out of prosecution free" card. Guys, that was more than 65 years ago, it's time to move on.

          5. Thankfully we live under a secular government.

            Human nature is what it is, power corrupts (you know that saying). Religion has been abused for far too long. And it wasn't up to other Jews to decide if what he did was wrong, a secular court heard this case and sentenced him, it's one of the genius's of the founding fathers.

          6. Most religious people think they are above the law and only god can judge.
            Glad we have a court system

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