Just FYI: I’m on Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes!

bunny_carFor anyone interested, I’m going to be on episode 3 of the new atheist podcast Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes.  Not sure when the episode will post, but when it does, you can go to their site here and have a listen, or catch up on the first two episodes.

The podcast features, for people on the Twitter machine, @reneehendricks, @woolybumblebee, and @jeh74, who discuss both matters of interest to atheists and the atheist community itself.  It’s good stuff, you should tune in.

Their first “experimental” episode had guests Mykeru and Justicar, talking primarily about Atheism+ and it’s disastrous fallout.  The second was a full hour with Justin Vacula where they talked about being an atheist activist.  This episode, myself and @logicalbeing from the blog Reason Being will be discussing political views in the atheist community.  I say “will be” because we haven’t recorded yet as of this writing, so hey, it could go just about anywhere!

4 thoughts on “Just FYI: I’m on Chill Girls in Pink Corvettes!

    1. Yesterday, I thought that Wooly was the hardest to understand, she broke up a lot. We were on Renee's Skype and she has a dial-up connection, we switched to Wooly and it was better, but not great. Maybe we should have switched to my connection since I have a super-fast connection and a high-end computer, but I'm a guest and not really set up for recording the show. 🙂

  1. We actually had some very good suggestions from a few people over @ slymepit to improve the audio. Two of the people do “angry Mac Bastards” podcast and really gave some excellent advice as to microphones and software, etc. for recording.

    That was in response to a member trashing us after Renee posted the podcast. He basically said that we should have it down by the 3rd podcast. Wait, what? So these others jumped in and one of them said basically, “no, it takes time”. So as we go on, I think the quality will get better and ithe podcast will become a more enjoyable listen.

    1. The thing is, it sounded fine while we were recording, at least from where I was sitting. Wooly broke up some but otherwise, there wasn’t the severe difference in audio levels I was hearing when I listened to the podcast. I really don’t know what software they’re using to put it together but they need to equalize the levels so everyone is the same volume. It will take time to figure it out and seriously, everyone will probably want to just buy good quality microphones if this goes on for a while. The one I recommend is the Yeti, but that’s just me.

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