Horror Show Sunday – Whack it Off for Jesus

bloddy-scissorsWhile I’m not as adamant about being anti-circumcision as some atheists, even with the most controversial medical procedure, there’s a way to do it and a way not to do it.  This is not how you do it.

4-week old Goodluck Caubergs is dead of a botched home circumcision, performed by a nurse, because the Nigerian parents demanded to have their child circumcised due to their Christian beliefs.  Nobody knows why the operation was performed in the home, which was located less than 2 miles from Royal Oldham Hospital, but other local hospitals report that they see 3-5 cases per month of botched home-based circumcisions.  Usually these cases are a result of bleeding, caused by improper post-surgical care.  In virtually all cases, it’s a matter of religious observation, particularly of parents from certain areas of Africa, where home care is commonplace.

Nurse Grace Adeleye, also from Nigeria, says she’s performed many circumcisions and offered her expertise.  She asked £100 for her services and the procedure took less than 45 minutes and was performed under no anesthetic whatsoever.  The baby screamed during the entire procedure, something Adeleye said was normal, but which certainly is not.  She made a ragged incision with a pair of scissors and bathed the area with olive oil.  She wrapped the wound with gauze and told the mother that some bleeding was to be expected.  This is wholly untrue, in fact, bleeding in infants is dangerous.  Even 1/6th of a pint of blood can be fatal to a newborn.  Adeleye performed no post-surgical evaluation, she just took her £100 and left.  Baby Goodluck bled to death over the course of several hours, by the time the hospital was called, it was too late.

I’m not going to argue over the morality of  circumcision, there are plenty of medical procedures that I personally find morally abhorrent, yet are done routinely worldwide and, for the most part, these procedures are done safely and with very few injuries or deaths.  What I am going to argue against here is the religious traditions that lead to such procedures being done in an unsafe manner.  Home circumcisions, performed without proper training and medical staff, just aren’t safe.  I don’t give a damn what your religious  beliefs are, I don’t care what your cultural traditions are, you do not have a right to cause the death of your newborn son because your faith is steeped in primitive bullshit, especially when modern medical facilities are available right down the road.  The sad part is, there are still people who defend this kind of behavior, not only because of the religious beliefs of the individuals involved, but because religion, in general, gets a pass from large swaths of society.  Is religion involved?  Yes?  Then don’t you dare criticize it!  So what if it’s killing innocent babies!  It’s religion, it’s inviolable!

It’s all just sad.

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    1. Good point, there are usually a bunch of different cases that come to light in these instances, I was aware of the case in BC, but in that case, the kid survived and in the one I cited, he died. It really is a balancing game, trying not to focus on any one religious group or I get accused of bias. It's like theists keep a scorecard. If I could find cases where Scientologists killed people, I'd report on those too, in fact, those are the cases I'd prefer to use because it further widens the scope of religious horror. I was going to say, I think over the years the only group I haven't reported on were Jainists, but I seem to remember a case, long ago, involving them too.

  1. Aren't most Jews circumcised at home? The mohel is not even a nurse and uses, if anything, topical anesthesia (not a nerve block which offers profound anesthesia and mostly painless).

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