I Could Use Some Input

johnny5-need-inputAs anyone who reads the blog regularly knows, I write about a wide variety of subject matter here, from atheism and religion to movie and TV reviews and I think that a lot of the non-atheism-related posts go largely unappreciated.  You know me, I don’t really care about readership, but as I was talking to someone on Twitter earlier, my TV Thursday posts, for example, hardly get any hits, they virtually never get any comments, and while I like doing them and want to continue, it’s become pretty clear that Bitchspot may not be the venue for them.

So I’ve been kicking around the idea of spinning off a new blog that only focuses on the more geeky subject matter so that this blog can just be about atheism and religion and closely related subjects.  It’s not like I don’t have a ton of posts available to fill in the gaps here.  I have no idea if anyone else does this, but I am scheduled out an absurd distance at all times.  As I write this, I already have posts scheduled 5 days in advance and it could be more except some things, like TV Thursday, require writing almost up to the deadline.  I also have other complete or near-complete drafts that I could schedule, currently I have 35 drafts in my queue, over and above what’s already scheduled, and I tend to add 3-4 new post ideas every day.  I’m not going to be hurting for posts, I tend to write so damn fast that it honestly bugs me to have so many things sitting in the queue for so long.

Now we come to my questions.  Does anyone actually read or care about the non-atheism material?  I know there’s an audience out there, probably even a bigger audience than for my atheism material, for TV and movie reviews, books, comics, collecting, games and the like, I just feel like I’m boring people with it where it is and probably driving away any legitimate audience with all the anti-religious stuff.  It’s two separate interests that really don’t go that well together.

I’ve been trying to expand my reach a little, people are aware that I rejoined Twitter a while back and have now added a Tumblr account, both of these really function in a lot of ways as a means to keep the blog interesting, Twitter lets me post short comments, etc. that really don’t qualify for full blog posts and Tumblr is a means to post pictures and videos that, again, aren’t interesting enough to make into a real post.

Therefore, I beg of people, please give me some input, tell me what you think I ought to do.  Keep it here or move it elsewhere?  My inquiring mind desperately wants to know.

3 thoughts on “I Could Use Some Input”

  1. I think you should leave the blog as is. I read your TV/Movie blogs. Don't think I've ever commented but it's something different. Do all atheist/skeptic bloggers always have to post about A/S all the time? I don't think so. Post about things that interest you. Over time, I believe these will develop an audience of sorts.

  2. I do delete the TV Thursday posts without reading them. But, I perhaps not the best person to say whether you should keep them or not because I watch little TV, I'd much rather read a good book. I hope you get enough responses to help you decide.

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