Some People Don’t Get It

I wrote a while back about drugs and that post has quickly become one of my most read posts, yet one of the least commented by percentage.  I guess people just have no rational reason why drug legalization is a good thing, beyond “because I want it!”  I did have an e-mail exchange though, telling me I must be a hypocrite because, clearly, even if I didn’t do drugs, there must be some other substance that I used recreationally so I’d feel good about myself.

Unfortunately, he(?) was wrong.  I just don’t.  I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, I don’t eat the wrong foods (I’m diabetic, I can’t), I don’t drink coffee or tea or many caffeinated drinks… so what is it I’m supposedly doing wrong?  Oh wait, I must sleep around!  Nope, been faithful to my wife for more than 20 years now, no interest in anyone else.  This guy(?) went on for a while, accusing me of random things that prove I’m a hypocrite, that I have no room to criticize drug use because clearly, no one on the planet can possibly not do something dangerous or hazardous or socially unacceptable.  If you leave out my atheism, which clearly is still generally socially unacceptable but improving every day, I’m just your typical boring conservative happily-married guy.

And I still think using drugs is stupid.

Anyone else want to accuse me of anything while we’re on the subject?

10 thoughts on “Some People Don’t Get It”

  1. Yes. I want to accuse you of thinking before you speak and having well thought out reasons for what you believe, even if I disagree at times. How dare you do these things? You sir, are a non-conformist! Shame on you trying to be an individual breaking away from the herd!

    In all seriousness, keep up the good work Cephus. Though I am stunned…not even coffee? I could get by without it, but I do enjoy it greatly!
    My recent post Should Pharmacists be Made to Fill Prescriptions that Violate Their Religious Beliefs?

    1. Nope, not even coffee. I used to drink coffee, many years ago, used to go through a dozen cups a day, then… I just stopped drinking it. Not sure why, I just didn't like the taste anymore. Today, I don't drink any hot drinks at all.

      Damn my rugged individualism!

  2. I certainly can't accuse anyone.I drink.I smoke,I eat red meat,I love the taste of saccharin,I hate condoms,and sometimes I don't even look both ways when I cross the street.This however dose not lend me to think recreational drug use is a good thing.The monkey is a monster.Great post C.

    1. I don't really care about what most people do, I'm not critical, it just amuses me that there are some people out there who are convinced that everyone, without exception, has to do something "wrong" and that makes it okay for everyone to likewise be "wrong". Then they run into someone like me who doesn't and they don't know what more to say. Their only argument is based on "I want to!" and when they find someone who doesn't buy into it, and who they cannot find anything to criticize about, they really are left with their mouths hanging open.

  3. When one factors in the cost of alcohol,and pot,and other recreational drugs it is devastating to the individual,and to the economic system of a nation.Human nature since the beginning of time has enslaved many to such vices.Legalizing more drugs is not the answer.There are those who would argue people are going to use why not tax it,and make money off the drugs.A moral slippery slope at best.

    1. Always love that argument, they say that legalizing drugs will reduce costs, then they want to tax the crap out of it and make it more expensive. Make up your mind!

    1. It's not a lifestyle, nor is anyone imposing it on anyone else. It's a philosophical position, one that I have yet to see anyone successfully combat. Instead, as I point out in this post, they attempt to get around it by dishonest means, making wild accusations which are wholly unjustified. All it takes is a well-reasoned, evidentially-supported argument. It seems that such just don't exist.

      1. being a teetotaler is a choice on how to live one's life. is it not?

        Is it or isn't a choice that you select, and in a small way, chose to continue each and every day?

        Does that not fit the definition of a "lifestyle"?

  4. Wouldn't it be better if heroin users died quickly by drug-related causes instead the usual prolonged life of misery and disfunction? Hint – stop helping them, stop the methadone clinics, the free needles, free food and housing, stop it all and make irresponsibility the worst choice a person can make. We could then avoid all the debating with the humanists and christians who have a desire to help these people with their "diseases". We would still energetically go after drug dealers but it would be so much more efficient when we weren't concomitantly supporting drug users. We'll probably disagree, but there is no helping them; there is also no helping child molesters, rapists, etc.. Our society is so upside down that we'll sanction the killing of an innocent baby in utero (women's reproductive RIGHTS!), because the women doesn't want to be a mother just yet, but will protest, en masse, a proposal to execute child rapists – amazing.

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