I wrote a while back about drugs and that post has quickly become one of my most read posts, yet one of the least commented by percentage.  I guess people just have no rational reason why drug legalization is a good thing, beyond “because I want it!”  I did have an e-mail exchange though, telling me I must be a hypocrite because, clearly, even if I didn’t do drugs, there must be some other substance that I used recreationally so I’d feel good about myself.

Unfortunately, he(?) was wrong.  I just don’t.  I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t do drugs, I don’t eat the wrong foods (I’m diabetic, I can’t), I don’t drink coffee or tea or many caffeinated drinks… so what is it I’m supposedly doing wrong?  Oh wait, I must sleep around!  Nope, been faithful to my wife for more than 20 years now, no interest in anyone else.  This guy(?) went on for a while, accusing me of random things that prove I’m a hypocrite, that I have no room to criticize drug use because clearly, no one on the planet can possibly not do something dangerous or hazardous or socially unacceptable.  If you leave out my atheism, which clearly is still generally socially unacceptable but improving every day, I’m just your typical boring conservative happily-married guy.

And I still think using drugs is stupid.

Anyone else want to accuse me of anything while we’re on the subject?

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