You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out!

I was having a talk over the weekend about t-shirts, specifically about non-religious and/or skeptical t-shirts, but talk came around to special occasion t-shirts, things that you really can’t wear every day.  I do have a few that fall into that category but most especially, I always keep a shirt around just for Christmas.

See, when I was growing up, Christmas and Thanksgiving meant dressing up, wearing a tie, etc.  Everyone did it when we got together to sit around a giant table and eat.  As time went on, and I’m thinking specifically about Thanksgiving, and especially once religion left the holiday, pretty much everyone gave up putting on their Sunday best and started showing up in jeans.  I still make somewhat of an effort on Thanksgiving to come in good clothes, although certainly, the dresses and ties have been abandoned in my family.

When it comes to Christmas though, that’s a different matter.  We always open presents on Christmas morning and then head down to my mother’s place afterwards for breakfast and presents from my immediate family, then in the late afternoon, over to my wife’s parents’s house to repeat the process and eat dinner.  There was a time when my daughters would be outfitted in beautiful Christmas dresses that they would get to wear once, then they would be discarded and I always thought it was a waste.  Today, it’s just casual wear, we’re not there to show off, we’re there to be with family.  Still, while I could wear anything I wanted, I have kept one or two shirts around that really don’t fit any other time of year and that’s what I wear Christmas morning.

Above is the shirt I’ve got right now.  It will see wear on December 25th, then back into the closet for another year.  Most of my shirts are rather snarky, this is relatively classic, from that wonderful holiday movie, A Christmas Story.

My question to everyone, do you do anything similar?  Do you keep one thing aside, even if it’s not a t-shirt, for holiday wear?  Just curious if it’s something widespread or not.  Pictures of your holiday attire are welcome!

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