Horror Show Sunday: Medicine is Sinful, Don’t Use Medicine, M’kay?

Too stupid to raise children, too ignorant to know not to breed.

On of the biggest problems in the world today isn’t just that religion runs rampant or that religion harms the innocent, it’s that cultures worldwide are so much under the thumb of religion that they allow these religious animals off scot free when they do hurt others.  Here’s yet another case of this.

At the First Century Gospel Church in Philadelphia, Herbert and Catherine Schaible allowed their 2-year old son to die a horrible death because the Schaibles don’t believe in modern medicine, they practice nothing but faith healing.  The couple, parents to 7 other children, claimed that their son Kent was coughing, had congestion of the lungs, fatigue and a loss of appetite for 2 weeks, yet they prayed for his recovery instead of doing the sensible thing and taking him to a doctor.  According to Catherine Schaible, “We tried to fight the devil, but in the end the devil won.”

What’s worse, even after they were convicted of involuntary manslaughter and child endangerment, the judge didn’t put them in prison or even take their other 7 children away, he simply gave them a suspended sentence and ordered them to get regular medical checkups for the rest of their brood.

According to pastor Nelson A. Clark, “The legal community is trying to force our church group to put them in the hands of this flawed medical system, when they have chosen to put them in the hands of a perfect God, who does not make mistakes.”  Yeah?  Tell that to 2-year old Kent, who is now dead.  Fuck you and your imaginary friend in the sky.

This isn’t the first time that the First Century Gospel Church has been the center of controversy over it’s faith healing ways.  In 1991, 8 children died in a measles epidemic, to parents who belonged to either First Century or the nearby Faith Tabernacle, which has the same beliefs.  I had written before, in an earlier incarnation of the Religious Horror Show, about the same kinds of things happening in the fundamentalist LDS church in Oregon, particularly in the case of Jeff and Marci Beagley, whose son Neil died an excruciating death from a perfectly treatable urinary tract infection.  The judge in the case, Steven Maurer, said, “The fact is, too many children have died unnecessarily – a graveyard full.  This has to stop.”

Indeed it does.  We simply cannot allow religion to run rampant and harm people, especially innocent children who cannot speak out for their own wellbeing.  Criminal scumbags like the Beagley’s and the Schiable’s need to be stopped from these primitive practices for anyone but themselves.  If they want to sentence themselves to death for religious stupidity, that’s fine by me.  They cannot be permitted to push these beliefs on their children.  They should have their children forcibly removed from the home, they should both be permanently neutered to prevent them from ever having any more children and the children should be put into a normal home where asinine beliefs are not prevalent.

We owe children better than these stone-age idiot beliefs.  Religion cannot offer a shelter for these morons to hide.

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