Living in a Maternity Mansion

Living on a hill, committing a crime.

I’m absolutely against illegal immigration, people jumping fences and running into our country illegally, riding in the back of smuggler’s vans until they can make it to civilization and blend into the underground and get work under the table, etc.  I have nothing against legal immigration, people who fill out all the proper paperwork and get accepted for permanent residence and legal citizenship in this country.

Now we’re seeing an enterprising group of people who are combining the two.  In a news story out of Chino Hills, CA, although it’s certainly going on elsewhere, they are running a Maternity Mansion scam.  Pregnant Chinese women pay $5000-$15000 to a “tour service” and are brought to America where they can have their children on American soil, which automatically get American citizenship, and then use that citizenship as leverage to get to stay in the U.S. on their own.  Another option for these Chinese women, by having the child in the U.S., it makes adoption faster and easier than having to adopt from China, where the process can take years and the government can eat up a large percentage of the adoption fees.

The “service” is advertised on a Chinese-language website,, which suggests that the $5000-$15000 cost is a “worthwhile investment” in order to have a baby with American citizenship.  It also suggests ways to get past immigration agents without letting them know you’re pregnant, such as wearing a dark-colored shirt, not bringing any baby or pregnancy-related items with you and wearing a heavy backpack to hide the enlarged belly.  Among other information on the website, it explains that American citizenship has advantages, including free public education, better loan rates and social welfare during retirement.  It is unknown if the person who owns the hilltop house is the same person who runs the website or not, but the owner of the house, Hai Yong Wu, was conveniently out of the country when city officials tendered a cease and desist order to stop operation of what amounts to a hotel in a residential neighborhood.  So far, since Wu refuses to allow officials into the residence, they have had to go after him for code violations while seeking further legal assistance to get in the front door.

The neighborhood is up in arms, their website can be found here.  “It’s so blatant and from doing my research, this is an epidemic and it’s nationwide,” Rossana Mitchell, head of the website said. “It’s a way to buy citizenship. We don’t want it here in Chino Hills.”

This is unfortunately, not an uncommon story, it’s been widely investigated by news sites across the globe.  We’re now hearing that there’s a second Maternity Mansion in Chino Hills, as well as one in nearby Rowland Heights, they are probably quite widespread and people like Wu are making a lot of money off of women who want to use this backdoor to citizenship.  Even the Chinese are aware that this practice is approaching epidemic proportions.

This is one reason, among many, that we really need to restrict the 14th Amendment right that grants anyone born in the country American citizenship and the practice that women of American babies automatically get more leniency staying in the country.  Or, we could do what I’ve advocated for a long time, stop pretending that being an American citizen automatically gives you the right to live in the country.  Stick the kid on a plane with the mother back to China or Mexico or wherever, with the understanding that when the kid turns 18 and becomes an adult, they are more than welcome to come back and live in the U.S. if they so choose.

Doing that would largely end these Maternity Mansion scams because it removes the only reason most of these women have for coming in the first place, all the freebies associated with staying in the country.

But we’ll never do that because common sense in America really isn’t that common.


9 thoughts on “Living in a Maternity Mansion

    1. I don't know that we really know how widespread it is, so far there are only a handful widely talked about but from what we're starting to learn, there are probably hundreds of them spread across the country, each one with 10-12 women at any one time giving birth. It's a problem, not just because it's illegal, but because there really isn't anything ICE can do about it. Any pregnant woman who can get across the border before she gives birth can do exactly what these women are doing, they're just organized.

      It's something that simply should not be happening at all. The 14th Amendment needs to be modified so it can't, it's one more thing that was passed in a time before anyone realized how dishonest people can be.

  1. The spirit of the law is being disgraced by illegals who by their very presence here is a crime in the first place.Having an anchor baby should not negate the crime already committed by the parents.Give the child up for adoption,go to jail,or leave should be the only choices available.

    1. I think it's ridiculous. Nowhere in the Constitution does it guarantee American citizens the absolute right to live in the United States. If some foreign woman wants to have an American baby, fine. Take your American baby back to your non-American home country, raise your American baby and when your American kid becomes an American adult and decides they want to return to the U.S., fine.

      Why is this not the default solution?

      1. Bleeding hearts will say the child is blamless in the crime commited by the parents,and should be given all the rights of a U.S. child to be raised here.The fault with that line of reason is a gray area being explioted by these parents.I would give them the chioce to give the child up for adoption to be raised as an American,or take the child home to be raised in there parents home country.Either way the parents are being deported for violating U.S. immagration law.

        1. It doesn't matter if they're blameless, actions, even if they are unintentional, still have consequences. If your father robs a bank and you get used to living in the lap of luxury, when he's caught, you don't get to keep the money because it wasn't your fault.

  2. Get involved people…if you believe this is wrong, we need to hear from you. Go to and send us a email voicing your concerns. Call your local government agencies and complain…we can't do it alone! These types of business are all over our Country and they need to be STOPPED before it's too late! If these woment want to come to our Country, they need to apply just like all the others before them. Mr. Wu who owns the Chino Hills Mansion is making lots of money, just like the others around the Country. Stand up, make a differenece, call President Obama, go to your local council meetings, voice your options.

    GU / Not in Chino Hills . org

    1. Absolutely agree, anyone who is as pissed off about this as I am needs to go make calls, send e-mails and get this kind of thing stopped. Granted, we've mortgaged ourselves to China so we probably will never do a thing about it, but still…

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