I saw someone on Twitter advocate the bumper sticker to the left and while I will admit it’s a cool design, as I tweeted back to him, “Cute bumper sticker, bad message”.

I don’t want to co-exist with religion, any more than I want to co-exist with murderers or child molesters.  All of these are anti-social behaviors and generally unacceptable ideas.

Well, except to people who engage in them.  If you ask someone involved with NAMBLA if sex with young boys is a bad idea, they’ll say no, of course not, and give you tons of stories about how wonderful it is.  Oh sure, they’ll say, there are some bad eggs, the same position of many Catholics regarding priest sex abuse, but in general, it’s a good thing that people ought to support, if we just ignore the few problem priests.

I just don’t buy it.  I don’t think we ought to encourage irrational beliefs no matter what they are or how popular they may be.  I don’t think we ought to praise people who believe ridiculous things, nor should we refrain from telling them believe ridiculous things when we come across them.  This goes down the line, we shouldn’t want to coexist with white racists or black racists, male sexists or female sexists, etc.  These are all absurd positions and ought to be soundly rejected by all rational people for what they are.  Ridiculous religions are ridiculous religions no matter what “good” might be found in them.  Extract the good, reject the religion.  Racism is bad no matter the skin color of the person who holds it.  Sexism is bad no matter the genitalia of the person who holds it.  Why should we seek to coexist with any of them?

Of course, this new design is a lot different than the ones you usually see when you’re out driving around, the wholly-religious version that demands religious tolerance even when the religion is intolerable.  Perhaps this version wants people not to coexist with religions, but with alien species?  Can our planet coexist with other planets?  Can the Milky Way galaxy coexist with the billions of other galaxies in the universe.  Hey, for all I know, it’s a call to to believe in and accept our reptilian alien overlords, more popularly known as the Raelian movement.  Who knows, I’ve seen stranger things on the Internet.

And you know something?  I oppose coexisting with that too!

Update:  As I was looking around today, I found the perfect explanation for why coexistence is a pointless gesture and I’d like to share it with you.  Great job for whoever came up with this.

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