Horror Show Sunday: Murdering Children for Witchcraft

In Bhubaneswar, India, a 4-year old boy was murdered in cold blood for being, according to residents in the Nuagaon village near Kegaon in Kalahandi district, a witch.  Those accused of the crime were the boy’s paternal uncle, Jarbi Gahir, a priest, Kumuda Sarangi, a sorcerer, Dayalu Dora, and a villager, Parameswar Dora.

Seriously, can we start calling in napalm strikes to take out these inbred retards?

The boy, identified as Ajit Gahir had gone missing on November 2.  After his parents reported him missing, a search of the local woods turned up body parts and the police concluded they had found him 3 days later  The body, missing the lower arm bone and skull, was found stuffed into a sack.  The missing parts were used in rituals and the boy’s uncle admitted he wanted  them so he could become a successful black magician.  “We had launched a search operation for the boy after his parents lodged a missing complaint, but we couldn’t locate him despite our best efforts. Some villagers, who had gone to the forest, informed us about body parts being strewn in the forest. Further investigation revealed that the boy was killed for witchcraft,” said Officer-in-Charge Sanjay Kumar Mandal.  The boy’s bodily parts were used in witchcraft rituals before being dumped in the forest.  The accused have admitted to murdering the boy after they lured him to the edge of town and strangled him.

Guess this goes to prove that it’s not just the Christians or the Muslims who are guilty of religious horrors, Hindus can also  commit atrocities in the name of their religion.  Witchcraft is widespread in India and children are often killed so their body parts can be harvested for magical rituals.  The same is true in many areas of primarily-Christian Africa.

Of course, in India, there are also plenty of cases of people being killed because they are accused of being witches.  Over 200 people have been killed in the eastern state of Assam over the past 6 years because they were considered witches and put to death for their practices.  Not sure what’s worse, being accused of being a witch and killed, or having a witch ritually murder you for your body parts?  In either case, it’s more religious nonsense that leads to harm, a perfect entry for the Religious Horror Show.



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