Horror Show Sunday: Catholicism is Sick and Evil

I didn’t have to die!

How much evidence do we really need that the Catholic Church as a whole is evil?  How many cases of child rape need to be perpetuated and covered up by the Church?  How many people need to die of AIDS in Africa while the Church tells them using condoms is a sin?  And how many cases like this one need to happen because the Pope doesn’t like abortion?

In Ireland, 31-year-old Savita Praveen Halappanavar died a needless and tragic death because the Catholic Bishops in that country refused to allow her to receive a medically necessary abortion.  What’s worse, the Catholic Church has been working hard, misleading the people of Ireland, telling them that pregnant women will always receive the medical treatment they need in Irish hospitals.  It’s a flat-out lie.

On October 21, 2012, Savita, who was 17 weeks pregnant at the time, went to the hospital complaining of back pain.  Doctors discovered that she was miscarrying and the fetus had no chance whatsoever of survival.  However, because the fetus still had a heartbeat, Catholic doctors refused to perform an abortion.  She remained in terrible pain for three days, during which she and her husband, 34-year old Praveen Halappanavar begged for an abortion, but were told “This is a Catholic country.”

Savita’s cervix, trying to expel the miscarried fetus, remained fully dilated and open to infection, similar, doctors say, to an open head wound.  She developed septicemia and died in agony a week after entering the hospital.  Of course, by then, the doctors had removed the fetus, once it’s heart had stopped beating, but it was too late.  Had they removed it when she arrived and it was clear that the situation was medically hopeless, her cervix could have closed and she could have survived the situation entirely unharmed.

“This was an obstetric emergency which should have been dealt with in a routine manner. Yet Irish doctors are restrained from making obvious medical decisions by a fear of potentially severe consequences,” says Rachel Donnelly, a spokeswoman for pro-choice campaigners.  Ireland has become a medical dark ages due to a 1983 law, passed in the era of civil and political unrest, when the Catholic Church used it’s considerable influence to not only make abortion illegal but unconstitutional.  Women were still allowed to travel to England, where civil rights were not under the control of the Catholic Church.  This, however, didn’t help emergency cases like Savita’s, where travel outside of the country wasn’t possible, she needed immediate treatment.

Yet the Catholic Church doesn’t seem to care if it’s policies cause deaths.  Bishop John Fleming, after Savita’s death, said of abortion, “For those who view life through the lens of their Christian faith, our bodies are sacred; temples of the Holy Spirit, created in the image of God and redeemed through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. For Christians, our bodies are not our own to do with them what we will. Our bodies come from God, are created in God’s image and destined for eternal life with him in heaven. This is our faith and this is what distinguishes us from those who do not share our faith.”

Well fuck you and your primitive faith.  It’s about time that Catholic dogma get the heave-ho from civilized nations and shysters like Fleming get tossed into the nearest sea.  People wonder what evils religion does to this world?  You need look no further than the sad case of Savita Praveen Halappanavar.

3 thoughts on “Horror Show Sunday: Catholicism is Sick and Evil

  1. I’m Canadian and have many Irish friends and many of them immigrated to escape the RRCs tyranny. They also say many back home feel the same way and church attendance is down across the country. With child abuse and other scandals I think the days of the Church’s dominance are numbered. It’s tragic, but perhaps Savita’s death will serve a greater purpose: a spark that ignites a revolution. The Irish, I hope, are ready to say good riddance to this vile institution/business that keep them yoked for centuries.

    1. I'd like to think so but I doubt it. Savita wasn't Irish, wasn't Catholic, they'll chalk it up to an anomaly, maybe decide that non-citizens can have abortions on demand, but keep their thumb clamped down over the Irish. Religion is all about control and I don't think the RCC is going to give it up any time soon.

  2. I actually heard of this a week or so ago and i found it absolutely outraging. I had no idea though that there was a bishop apparently defending the pro-life choice of the goddamn doctors, who swore an oath to help people for crying out loud, by saying our bodies aren't ours to do with as we wish. Jesus, that's sick. Like, really, really sick. To reject science and medicine because of "faith". Something you believe in but has never been proven.

    Yes, fuck him and his primitive faith. Let him go fuck himself.
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