Man Begs to Clean Cross, Sues When it All Goes Wrong

Why isn’t it God’s will that the cross came down?

Catholic David Jimenez went to St. Patrick’s Church in New York City when he found that his wife Delia had ovarian cancer, often stopping to pray before the 600-pound marble crucifix in front of the Church.  When his prayers were seemingly answered and his wife recovered in 2010, they considered it a miracle and he attributed the event to the stone cross, so he petitioned the church to be able to clean the cross as a way to thank God for his intervention.  The church initially refused but after repeated requests, they allowed Jimenez to scrub the cross.

The only problem was, the cross wasn’t well secured to it’s base and when David started cleaning it, it fell on him, crushing his leg which required amputation.  Jimenez, a Mexican immigrant with no insurance, can no longer work and is suing the church for $3 million.

Now while I sympathize with the poor guy who gets his leg crushed, let me get this straight.  He believes his wife was cured because God wanted it to happen, yet when a cross falls on his leg, the same cross he prayed to God in front of, suddenly it’s not God’s will?

I guess faith only works when it goes your way.


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