Sunday Horror Show: Learn or Die!

Religion of Peace My Ass

Muslim mother Sara Ege beat her seven-year-0ld son Yaseen Ali to death because he couldn’t quote Qu’ran passage to her satisfaction.  Ege, 32, is said to have beat her son “like a dog” because he was having trouble meeting her goal of memorizing 32 pages of the Qu’ran in a 3-month period.  The beatings went on for weeks until she eventually killed him and then she burned the body at her home in Cardiff.  Police initially believed the death to be accidental, a product of a home fire, but the autopsy told them otherwise.  Sara Ege was found to have beaten young Yaseen with a hammer and to have locked him in a shed because he wasn’t performing as well as she wanted.

Both Sara and her husband Yousef had enrolled Yaseen in advanced Hafiz classes at the local mosque where they hoped that Yaseen would memorize the entire Qu’ran.  When he failed to do so, and at age seven, that’s hardly a realistic expectation, she beat him to death and burned his body.

According to Sara, in an interview, “If he didn’t read it properly I would be very angry – I would hit him.”  She admitted hitting the boy, not only with her fists, but with a hammer, a rolling pin and a slipper as well.  She even told a doctor, months before the boy’s death that she believed she had been told by Shaitan, the Muslim version of the devil, to kill the boy and that now that he was dead, she felt 100% better.

Sara has been charged with first-degree murder and, at least so far, the father denies any knowledge of what was going on, even though he was intimately involved with the process.  They took the boy to the mosque before and after school to study and at home, Sara locked the boy in a shed, tied him to a door and forced him to do push-ups as a punishment for not learning quickly enough.  I find it hard to believe that the father wouldn’t have seen all of this or have noticed the bruises.  However, the trial is ongoing and I’m hoping she gets the maximum sentence allowable by law.

Religion cause people to do insane things in the name of imaginary friends.  Why do we, as a hopefully rational society, keep allowing it to continue?


4 thoughts on “Sunday Horror Show: Learn or Die!”

  1. "if these people hadn't bought into this particular sect of Hinduism" I take it, Cephus you meant Islam. We had an "honour" killing recently up here in Canada where a husband/father with the help of his second wife and son pushed a car into the Rideau Canal with his first wife and three daughters. The young girls "sin?' They post pictures of themselves on Facebook and one had the nerve to date a non-Muslim. This and other brutal atrocities by others is making me take a second look at my long time opposition to capital punishment. That women in your post doesn't deserve to live, kill the bitch.

    1. Actually, those comments referred to a much older post from a version of BitchSpot that no longer exists, IntenseDebate drops them in at random because it gets confused. I went back and deleted them, thanks for pointing it out.

  2. We keep putting up with it because they whine "persecutiuon" and "religious freedom" and our society, unfortunately, buys into those excuses. They say those words, it shuts down discussion lest people be accused of being un-American (or whatever country). It's time for the civilized to re-think our position on religious freedom. Or to at least de-value that phrase as a get out of jail free card.

    1. And society needs to stop buying into the whining. It's not persecution when one acts outside of the window of social acceptability. If you break the law, no matter what imaginary friend in the sky you believe in, you need to be prosecuted. Enough letting these religious animals run rampant.

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