Catholic Church Pays Repeat Pedophile Priest Legal Costs Australia, and probably elsewhere in the world, we’re now finding out that the Catholic Church has been paying the legal costs of pedophile priests, not just when they’ve been accused once, not even convicted once, but two, three and even four times!

”It is extremely offensive and hurtful to victims that Catholic Church orders are continuing to fund the defenses of priests and brothers after they have been convicted,” said Nicky Davis from the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. ”We can see what’s going on and we can see that it’s obscene.”

In just two cases, that of Brother Edward Vernon Dowlan and Brother Robert Charles Best, the largest Catholic order in Australia, Christian Brothers, has already paid over $400,000 in costs including: ”56 full days in court, two Queen’s counsel barristers, a team of solicitors, legal office staff, private investigators, psychiatrists, psychologists and other paid experts who gave character evidence on behalf of the offenders”.  Best is currently in prison, sentenced to 177 months, but he is appealing his conviction at RCC cost.

Spokesman for the Order, Brother Brian Brandon, says, ”Either you, the taxpayer, are providing the funding via Legal Aid or the congregation is helping you out by providing the funding.”  Ah, so it’s a public service!  I get it now!  So how many non-church related criminal cases are they funding in this way?  None, of course.  In fact, had these religious organizations yanked the membership and the collars of these priests after the first conviction, it would no longer reflect badly on them.  In fact, even though it’s a meaningless gesture, I’d like to see these churches publically excommunicating these priests after the first conviction.  No, there is no heaven or hell, but at least we could see some kind of public and religious condemnation of their actions.  Why don’t we see that?

At least some orders are being a little more rational.  According to Father Paul Cooney of the Marist Fathers Order, ”If, now, a member was found guilty after the first case, we would say ‘no more money will be forthcoming from the church’.”  This, of course, after many years of following the same policies as the Christian Brothers and finding more and more money being dumped down the pedophile money pit.

So how long does this continue?  How long do Catholics keep giving money to this organization that openly defends pedophiles, even convicted pedophiles against prosecution?  How long do Catholics keep supporting a church that uses it’s considerable political influence to get child molesters off the hook?  How long do Catholics put up with a religion that keeps putting convicted sex offenders back into unrestricted and unmonitored contact with innocent children?

Any Catholic out there that continues to give any money to this criminal religious organization is utterly disgusting to me.  You people should be completely disgusted with yourselves.  I know I’m disgusted with you.

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  1. They'll never stop giving because they are thoroughly indoctrinated. As the founder of the Jesuits, Loyola, supposedly said: "Give me the child, I have the adult." And: Give me the child by seven, I have him for life."

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