Here’s the Real Problem in California

Burn baby, burn

California is, in a lot of ways, a liberal paradise.  The government is run by the public employee unions, the government gives tons of money, money it doesn’t have, to the poor, it has 12% of the nation’s people, yet has more welfare recipients than the next 8 states combined!  In fact, we are so absurdly far beyond just the next most welfare-ridden state, 1,226,362 recipients in California vs. 252,434 recipients in New York, it’s clear that there is something seriously, seriously wrong with California.  In the past 25 years, there have been 10 million new residents that have arrived in the state of California.  Of those 10 million, 7 million of them are on Medicaid.  Only 150,000 are filing any income taxes.  That means that 98.5% of the newcomers to California are relying on 1.5% of the newcomer population to pay their way.

It’s really ridiculous how far things have gone in the formerly Golden State.  Going back to 2008, here’s a chart showing just how out of touch with reality the government of California really has become when it comes to throwing tax money away.  The next two closest “states” since one of them is the District of Columbia, are nowhere remotely close to what California doles out.  A lot of this has to do with giving freebies to illegal aliens, freebies that are not supposed to be provided to anyone who is not a legal resident, but that California, the land of fruits and nuts, just hands out willy-nilly to anyone.  Anyone starting to see why there’s a problem yet?

But it’s not just welfare that California leads the way in, we’re also the least business-friendly state in the nation.  We actively work to chase businesses away.  We have the highest tax rates anywhere.  Then we pass absurd environmental laws, many of them utterly contradictory to what’s already on the books, and expect businesses to follow mutually exclusive laws or pay fines.  Nobody worries whether these laws are feasible or whether they make sense, it is often hoped that other states will follow suit but nobody else is that insane.  Los Angeles has declared that it will eliminate all power generated via coal by 2020.  Where does it think it will get it’s power?  Magic, I guess.

So where do they pretend to get their money?  Since California has gone entirely liberal wingnut (remember, this is the state that once elected Ronald Reagan as Governor), it has entirely relied on target groups to pay it’s way.  It focuses on tobacco users to fund schools.  It focuses on the wealthy, who are usually small-business owners, to pay for pretty much everything.  The problem, of course, is more people are stopping smoking and more wealthy people are leaving the state.  Even for those that remain, with the economic downturn, they haven’t been making as much as they usually would, thus tax revenues are down while expenditures are up.

With the passage of Proposition 30, California has gone entirely around the bend.  Now, the wealthiest members of society will have to pay more than 13% of their income to the California state coffers, 5% more than in any other state in the union.  California residents will have to pay the highest state sales tax anywhere, worse considering many cities in the Golden State have their own local taxes which make shopping in these cities absurd.  That’s alright, I guess because businesses are shutting down left and right and fleeing the state entirely.  Unemployment numbers in California are worse than anywhere else.  So why do the good liberals of California continue to vote taxes through the roof?  Because they don’t have to pay them!  The majority of people in California pay no income taxes whatsoever.  They vote to raise taxes on other people to fund things that they want.  They charge other people more so they can have more freebies.

But it’s not just freebies they vote for, it’s a well known fact that the 2008 election of Obama, a liberal candidate, directly contributed to the passage of Proposition 8, the anti-gay-marriage bill.  How, you might ask?  Racism, of course.  Oh, let’s be honest, the Obama campaign has regularly used race to get votes, not only from the poor but directly from black and hispanic voters of all strata.  Tons of black and hispanic voters registered for the first time so they could cast a vote for the first black candidate.  Unfortunately, black and hispanic communities are traditionally very deeply religious so a vote for Obama often turned into a vote for gay-hate.  I can’t place it wholly on Obama’s shoulders but as I’ve shown before, people on Obama’s team are absolutely advocating “get out the vote, niggers”.  Is that something we ought to advocate?  Hell, it’s something they embrace tightly here in the liberal loony-lands.

In a recent poll, taken just before the election, 46% of Californians say they’ve given serious thought to leaving the state.  46%!  Hell, I’m among them.  It’s certainly not hard to find states with very favorable economic climates, both Nevada and Arizona, right next door, are much better places to live.  Oh sure, you can’t go to Disneyland every other day, but I’ve long since tired of California amusement parks, with the exception of a vacation to Sea World two years ago, I haven’t been to one of them in close to a decade.  It’s not like it’s a bad drive to cross the border into California for a vacation to Disney, or to hit any of the things I do regularly here, the more I look at this state, the less reason I can see to stick around and watch it go belly up.

Come on California, give me a reason to want to stay here!

3 thoughts on “Here’s the Real Problem in California”

  1. Why would it want you? If it's so awful, leave. "The richest are expected to pay 13% of their income". The horror! Here in Europe the rich are expected to pay way more. The tax rate for average income workers is above 13%. You have it good & don't like the idea of those dang poor people having it too easy. As if? The US has gone so far to the right, that normality is seen as extreme.

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