And They Call Whites Racist?

Look niggers, vote for Obama, he’s black, that’s all you need to know.

Because they say only white people can be racist, here’s a good story from Obama’s own back yard.  It wasn’t enough when Obama’s former pastor, Reverend Jeremiah Wright was spouting racist crap that apparently, Obama just “missed”, you might be able to make a shaky case that he was too busy playing Tetris on his Nintendo DS, something I’d prefer over him listening to ridiculous religious nonsense any day.  However, now we’ve got another of his religious associates who are promoting blatant racist nonsense, are we going to just ignore it?  Are we going to give yet another case of black racism a pass?

Rev. Dr. James Lowery spoke at St. James Baptist Church as part of a Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) tour across Georgia to encourage black voters to cast ballots for Obama.  Lowery was the preacher who gave the benediction at Obama’s inauguration in January 2009 and Obama presented the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest possible civilian honor, on Lowery in June of that year.  To say that Obama does not support this man is to ignore reality.  However, at the SCLC conference, when discussing the fact that Obama lost Georgia in 2008 by 200,000 votes, while an estimated 390,000 black men did not vote in the election, he said “I don’t know what kind of a nigger wouldn’t vote with a black man running.”

Welcome to black racist politics.  These are blacks, and to a somewhat lesser degree hispanics, who are entirely unable to see beyond the color of someone’s skin, the only thing that they pay the slightest attention to is race.  If you win, it’s the superiority of your race.  If you lose, it’s because all those white racists kept you out of office.  In fact, at a rally, Lowery again put his foot in it, suggesting that if Obama was white, there’s no chance he’d lose his bid for re-election.
While it’s not surprising to see a religious leader in this country proclaiming that the sinners are going to hell, Lowery takes it one step further.  According to Lowery, when he was a young militant, he used to say all white folks were going to hell. Then he mellowed and just said most of them were. Now, he said, he is back to where he was.
See, back in 2008, lots of people voted for Obama, not because they supported his politics, not because they liked him as a person, but just because he was black.  Tons of black and hispanic voters registered for the first time, not to vote for a Democrat, but to vote for a black man.  One of my best friends, in fact, had never registered to vote in all of his 50 years, yet he did so just because Obama had dark skin.  He had no clue about his political platform, he just wanted to vote in the historic election of a black man to the highest office in the land.
Yes, it was historic. It was also racist as fuck.  But you don’t get to accuse blacks of being racist, according to liberals, they are above such recriminations.  In fact, the Obama camp, and indeed, the Hillary Clinton camp when she was a viable candidate, openly played the race and gender cards to win votes.  “Come vote for the black man!”  “Come vote for the woman!”
The problem is, the huge minority electoral turnout caused a ton of problems in 2008.  It was almost entirely because of the increased minority voter turnout that Proposition 8, the anti-gay-marriage bill passed.  The black and hispanic communities tend to be very religious and that, in addition to illegal voter mining by the Mormon church, made gay marriage in the state illegal once again, at least for a little while until the courts came to their senses.  Whether Obama and his supporters want to acknowledge it or not, Proposition 8’s passage rests largely on the race-card politics waged by his supporters.
If a white pastor or religious leader anywhere in the U.S., say someone like James Dobson of Focus on the Family, said “I don’t know what kind of a white man wouldn’t vote with a white man running,” the collective black community would shit themselves.  We simply cannot allow racist politics at all.  If it’s wrong for whites to use race as a factor in making decisions, political or otherwise, it is equally wrong for blacks or hispanics to do it.  If it is wrong to judge people on the basis of their gender for men, then it is wrong for women as well.  If American politics is to ignore skin color and gender and become truly color and gender blind, then it has to be from all sides, not just white guys.
After all, isn’t that what we’re all supposed to want?


9 thoughts on “And They Call Whites Racist?”

  1. According to some circles, unless you are anything other than white then you are not even allowed to speak on the experiences and opinions of non-white peoples in matters of race and racism. You may only listen, listen and understand, then agree fulsomely or at the very least keep your yap shut; you don't get a voice because you're an oppressor. You see because of circumstances of history where Caucasian groups had an upper-hand over others that was abused – though often unremarkable for the periods – it somehow magically translates as only Caucasians can be racists QED. When the "oppressed" do it it's an act of empowerment and justified retribution against the oppressor, in a case of sins of the father – dang, that's probably gendered language – being sins of the children. The same shit that gets trotted out be it race, gender or orientation thus implying that the straight white male is perhaps the worst kind of scum there could be as they are lumbered with the sins of absolute strangers that just happened to be the same skin tone.

    It truly is a marvel of twisted thinking that seeks to terminate counter-argument by pretending that the circumstances you were born in morally prohibits your voice, excuses abuses and hate directed against you and hand-waves away the fact that those on the supposed moral high-ground are the actual problem.

    1. It is a matter of moving the goal posts and almost all extremist groups do it. Racist blacks, who decry the identical activities in whites, want to be able to do it back in "revenge", therefore they redefine their terms so that only white people can be racist. Radical feminists, who decry the insults when done by men, want to be able to do it back in "revenge", therefore they claim only men can be sexist. The religious… that's one of their hallmarks. Insult everyone else, but when someone tries to insult you, declare religious persecution.

      Personally, I'm sick of it all. I call a spade a spade, it's actions, not sex, race, creed, sexual orientation or anything else that matters. Don't want to be called a dick, stop acting like one.

  2. I find it equally tiresome and cannot abide the double-standards and rank hypocrisy from these holier than thou types. I just wonder whether they knowingly act in this manner or whether they are so deluded and wrapped up in righteousness that they are incapable of seeing it.

    1. To be honest, I think a lot of people get wrapped up in desiring a particular conclusion and then construct facts around their pre-conceived notions rather than taking the rational route and doing it the other way around. People allow their emotions to run away with themselves, they embrace ideals instead of evidence, beliefs instead of facts, and this gets them into a lot of trouble. I point this out continually, that no position, no worldview, no system of belief ought to be immune from rational evaluation, critical thinking or logical reasoning. In the end, atheists are not automatically better than theists, they just use their crazy, irrational, illogical thinking on non-religious topics and when it is pointed out, they react just like theists do when their stupidity is pointed out.

  3. Blacks are the most racist race and white the least, by far. If this next bit is too off topic, no problem. I have no problem with gay marriage but I have a major problem with gay normalcy. Here's why- I believe that gayness is a mental disorder as opposed to a mirror image mutation of straight; ie, gays don't just want to be able to get married, like any normal person. No, normal people don't go to bath houses for anonymous sex (or to park bathrooms for that matter). But it's worse than that; gay men are responsible for virtually all (an infinitesimal amount by women) molestation of boys and that's no small amount since 25-30% of all child molestation is of boys. Considering that gay males make up 2-5% of the male population, its quite a problem. If someone can logically debunk that theory, I'm all ears. Before you do, understand that child molestation IS gender-specific.

    1. I don’t think blacks are any more racist than whites, I think that the black sub-culture, especially people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, have made a ton of money pushing the victim mentality on poor blacks who want someone to blame for their situation but don’t want to blame themselves. I think we live in a society where blacks feel more open expressing their racist sentiment than most whites do, not that there isn’t just as much racist sentiment on both sides.

  4. A racist who doesn't express is racism is not too racist. This idea of engrained white racism is ridiculous; a white racist simply does not vote for a black president yet 45% or so did. Consider all the whites behind Herman Cain or West and then look at blacks with 98% voting for the black candidate.
    If blacks and whites were equally racist, whites should have voted 98% for Bush or Romney.

  5. Racism isn't an action, it's an ideal. A person who looks at a person with differently colored skin in distaste, yet never does a thing about it and never says a thing about it, is still a racist. It's not about actions, it's about beliefs.

    Now I will absolutely agree that the Obama campaign did push race, both in the 2008 campaign and in the 2012 campaign. I've written about it before, how the religious factions on Obama's side were quite open in saying that blacks need to vote for a black man because he is black. That is blatantly racist.

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