Horror Show Sunday: It’s a Muslim-Shoot-Muslim World

Shooting Muslims in the name of Allah!

Welcome to another week of the Religious Horror Show.  For those who thought this only happened in some backwards Middle Eastern country, here’s a case of Muslims shooting each other in a backwards Russian state.  Masked gunmen opened fire on Karimulla Ibragimov, 49, an imam catering to radical Islam, in the town of Derbent in Russia’s Dagestan region.  He, his brother and father were killed instantly from gunshot wounds and the attackers escaped by car.  A woman disguised as a pilgrim detonated a bomb strapped to her body in Dagestan in August, killing popular spiritual leader Said Atsayev, 74, an opponent of militant Islam. Suicide bombers and gunmen have killed three other imams in Dagestan this year.

This is commonplace in an ongoing war between Islamic factions, the shooters were members of an opposing faction representing a different religious approach.  Ibragimov represented one of the most vocally extremist factions which were demanding an independent Muslim state within Russia and in recent years, the Dagestan region has been heating up, drawing the attention of Moscow, which, just a decade before, had invaded neighboring Chechnya and ousted a separatist movement, thus restoring Moscow’s direct control.  Some suggest that such an action may happen again in Dagestan against radical Muslims.  This may be especially likely as the region lies only a few hundred miles from Sochi, where the Russians will host the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Hey, does anyone feel a draft?

And while we’re at it, it’s not just Muslims killing other Muslims, it’s Muslims killing Christians and getting killed in return too!  In Kaduna, Nigeria, a suicide bomber drove a jeep loaded with explosives into a Catholic church during Sunday services, killing 8 and injuring over 100.  As with the above Dagestan Muslim group, this was likely done by the Islamic separatist group Boko Haram, which seeks to create an independent Muslim state in Nigeria.

Not to be outdone by the atrocity, angry Christians took to the street with knives, leaving several Muslim men dead in pools of blood.  One youth in a blood-soaked shirt proclaimed “We killed them and we’ll do more!”

Often, it’s hard to even know who to blame for these attacks, it isn’t that one side is innocent, it’s that both sides are equally delusional and equally guilty.  Is it any wonder that religion is responsible for so many horrors?

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  1. It is sad to note that we are no longer shocked by stories of this nature…they are all to commonplace and usually religion can be found at the center of the controversy. I also think you hit the mark with your comment that both sides are almost always equally guilty…though they probably do not see it that way. Religion has outlived its usefulness in the modern world. Does it do some good in some places? Sure, but they do not do anything that secular groups can't do, are already doing, and often can do better. More often than not, religion can be seen as a retarding force in society…and that is exactly what we see in the story you shared.
    My recent post Same Sex Marriage, A Ridiculous Sign, and Religious Special Treatment

    1. One of the reasons I stopped doing these stories was because they stopped affecting me. It was just another pedophile priest, another suicide Muslim bomber, another Christian letting their child die rather than seeking medical help. Oh well, no big deal. The thing is, these ought to be a big deal. These ought to bring public outrage. These religions where people are encouraged to do these things ought to be run out of town on a rail, yet they're not. Liberal theists play defense for the real crazies, they don't want anyone criticizing their own religion so they refuse to criticize anyone else's.

      It's ultimately why religion, all religion, is evil.

    2. "Religion has outlived its usefulness in the modern world."

      Indeed but I wonder if what would replace it would look all that different or whether we'd be merely changing the drapes and little else. The past year and more has demonstrated that a good deal of those without traditional religion and who identify as 'atheist' in some fashion, have filled the space with new doctrines to which their reasoning, language and attitude towards outsiders is indistinguishable from the traditional theist. Then we've those noble paragons of social justice in whackyland who by their own words give me the distinct impression that oppression and abuse is very acceptable when it is the 'right' people being abused and oppressed.

      1. I've often said that just because you're an atheist doesn't make you necessarily rational and it's painfully true. In far too many cases, as you point out, there are people who may be rational atheists, but embrace irrational non-religious nonsense just the same. We can't simply declare that anyone who rejects religion is somehow immune to stupid beliefs, nor can we decide that because they agree with us on one subject, we ought to assume that they agree with us on all subjects. Atheism is but one very small sliver of pie, we need to look at the whole and decide if that individual is actually rational overall, or if they pick and choose.

        I really have little respect for anyone who picks and chooses.

  2. "I've often said that just because you're an atheist doesn't make you necessarily rational and it's painfully true."

    I initially thought otherwise some years back, thought that only those who had actually reasoned it through made that claim because it just seemed highly unlikely that anyone would just assume the label as they were more liable to just remain nominal Catholics. Of course by now I've been well disabused of that impression as I have that those who identify as skeptics will apply it without caveat, but there's so often some sacred cow that sits beyond question.

    1. Being an atheist simply means you don't believe in any gods, not that you came to that position rationally. I can't tell you how many atheists I run into who haven't got a clue why they disbelieve in gods, they simply do and they're blatantly pig-ignorant of just about everything. Atheism may not lead to skepticism but skepticism, universal, absolute, unwavering skepticism, certainly does lead to atheism.

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