Quickie Halloween Followup

Last night, my daughter got some silly handout from a local Catholic church, it’s a 3-inch wide flyer on the history of Halloween, English on one side, Spanish on the other.  Honestly, for the first half, it’s extremely historically accurate, it describes where the holiday came from, how begging for treats started, I’m pretty impressed that the first half is so educational.

Then you get to the second half and it’s all religious nonsense, as I’m sure everyone expected.  However, there was one line that I just have to post for you because the cognitive dissonance contained within is mind-blowing.  Right after a section on why kids dress up, we get:

Unfortunately, when people dress as witches, devils, goblins, it can lead to superstition.

I read that to my wife and she started laughing hysterically.  The jaw-dropping stupidity is slathered thick with this one, especially since the last paragraph, of which the above is the first sentence, they lay on the God-delusion heavily.  Yes, dressing up like fantasy creatures can lead to superstition, but luckily, the Catholic Church is here to show you how to do it right?

Honestly, does anyone read these before they go stuffing them in kid’s bags?

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