To Tweet or not to Tweet, is that a Question?

Well, a week and a half after Twitter arbitrarily suspended my account without warning or notice, I finally got an e-mail announcing they had reinstated my account and a short explanation of why it was suspended in the first place.  It looks like everyone was right and it was a complaint of harassment by some unnamed person, but I think we can be sure it was Surly Amy, Ophelia Benson or one of their sycophants.  I responded, saying I had never sought out anyone who had not posted to a public hashtag and their own system, when you respond to a tweet, automatically sends it to the individual who treated it, therefore they simply could not make any case of harassment against me, I was just using their system as they wrote it.  I rather doubt I’ll ever see a response.

That said though, in the intervening time, I uninstalled all of the Twitter-related plugins from the blog, deleted all of the Twitter clients from my various computers and tablets and pretty much walked away from the entire concept.  It doesn’t help that, in my post about the purpose of Twitter, pretty much nobody could come up with a way to make the experience more worthwhile.

So my question is, do I go back to the account, probably not being all that active because I know that saying the wrong thing to the wrong person, who can complain and be taken seriously whether the complaint has any validity or not, can result in a permanent deletion of my account, or do I just let it fade into oblivion?  On the one hand, I hate to fail at anything and I view being chased out of Twitter of anything but my own volition as a failure.  On the other, what’s the point of doing something that you’re not getting any significant benefit out of?

And so, dear readers, I leave it up to you.  Either in comment or in e-mail, let me know what you think I should do and why so I can make an informed decision.

7 thoughts on “To Tweet or not to Tweet, is that a Question?”

  1. I wouldn't let the asses chase me away. that's all they are, asses, privleged punks that believe their feelings are more iportant than others.

    1. It's not really a matter of them winning, so much as I was having my doubts long before that happened. The meaningless suspension really was just the final straw.

  2. It sounds like you weren't enjoying twitter, so fuck it. It sounds like you were probably on the verge of quitting anyway, if a ban pushed you over the edge and saved you a few annoying nights on twitter that you got nothing out of, all the better.

    I think you should ask yourself if you have missed it at all. If the answer is no then forget it. If at some point you wish you still had twitter on your phone, then it is an indication that you should give it another go, barring that it sounds to me like you are better off without it.
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    1. It isn't that I didn't enjoy it for what it is, it's just that I want it to be more than what it is. That's why I wrote that last post, it just seems like I was putting more into it than I was getting out. It's just not that interesting, at least the way I was doing it. Either there were tons of bots spouting "wise" atheist sayings, quotes, insults aimed at the religious, or I had Wil Wheaton, who seems to tweet about what craft beer he's drinking and very little else. In the 3-4 weeks that I spent there this time around, I might have culled a news story or two for a post, I talked to people who I already communicate with via blogs or e-mail and I learned that you don't even have to do anything wrong to get Twitter to toss you out on your ass, if someone doesn't happen to like your name.

      I just stare at it, going "it can't be this popular if this is all there is to it!"

      And I never had Twitter on my phone and never will. 🙂

  3. We all use Twitter in our own way. I post thoughts that I want to remember to expand on later as posts. The reason I do this publicly rather than in a to-do list is that if people reply/favorite/retweet then it's added motivation to go somewhere else with it.

    If you no longer have a reason, then quit, but you might not want to delete the account. It's another way for people to find and contact you, if that's of value to you.
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    1. Here, whenever I have an idea, I just start a new draft, scribble down a couple of ideas and put it on the pile. That's why I have something like 60 drafts sitting around. 🙂

      I never really had a reason to join Twitter, I just hate to give up once I've gone to all the trouble of doing it in the first place. I'm leaning toward putting it back up, but not paying nearly as much attention to it as I was. Still thinking it through.

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