McCreight Fails Again: Privilege and Masturbation

Please help these men buy Kleenex

I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, although more often disgusted is a more apt description, at the online antics of the Atheism+ crowd and especially their self-proclaimed leaders.  The more I read, and trust me, I don’t pursue it on my own, either I get linked to it or just come across it on the Interwebs, the more convinced I am that there is something seriously wrong with the leadership of Atheism+, that by and large, they suffer from various and sundry disorders which desperately need treatment.

Now keep in mind, I’m not calling them clinically crazy, although for some, that may be an apt description.  I’m saying that there is something seriously wrong with how some of these people look at the world around them.  I’m not a psychiatrist, nor do I play one on a blog, but judging by their actions and how they talk, I wouldn’t be surprised if paranoid personality disorder wasn’t common among them.  They think the world is out to get them, as if most of the planet gives a damn about them in the first place.

That said, I stumbled across this selection of tweets from Jen McCreight, who complained that she came across a homeless man while walking to work.  Thanks to @Whoozley for pressing Jen on this stupidity.

Okay, I guess that might be a little disturbing to come across someone on the street engaged in an overtly sexual act.  If I saw the same thing, I might be tempted to contact the authorities so the individual could be evaluated and receive either the help, as is likely in this case, or the punishment they need.  But instead, she posted a follow-up tweet.

Wait a minute, now instead of just a guy masturbating, he’s now masturbating “to her”?  How does she know this?  Did she go ask?  Or, I suppose, this could mean people are defending the guy masturbating to her, but not about her.  Either way, the tweet is a bit confusing.  This did stir up a bit of controversy in the twitter-verse, as some people looked at it as Jen asserting that the man was thinking of her specifically while he was masturbating, an egotistical statement if ever there was one.  However, given the alternative view of the tweet, I was going to give her the benefit of the doubt and take the high road, at least until I found this other tweet where she makes it clear what she meant.

Okay, now she’s convinced me that she actually thinks he’s masturbating to her.  Sheesh Jen, egotistical much?  Do you honestly think every event in your general vicinity happens because of you?  This just underscores the absurdly egotistical nature of many of the feminists in the Atheism+ movement.

Now, instead of being surprised or offended at coming across a homeless man who is masturbating on the side of the road, she’s clearly insisting on making it all about her, that somehow his actions directly and purposely offended her delicate sensibilities.  So let’s look at this from a different perspective, shall we?  Why shouldn’t he be offended that she walked in on him in the middle of his sexual gratification without announcement or permission?  After all, he didn’t consent to having her watch, which based on other things I have heard, she did so for an extended period of time.  For a decent person, if you happened to walk in on someone using the bathroom, you’d stop, apologize and back out, leaving them alone to do their business in peace.  You would not get pissed off and accuse the individual of purposely offending you by taking a shit.  That’s not how it works.  Here, though, that’s exactly what McCreight does.  Instead of it being her fault, or at least, a neutral event, now it’s this guy’s responsibility to poll the surrounding population to see if they consent to his masturbatory act?

Did he consent to you being in his “living room”?  Did you ask him if it was okay if you watched?  No?  Then check your privilege.  Isn’t that what you Atheism+ idiots are famous for asking for?  At least you have a place to go to when you want to masturbate.  He doesn’t.  Many homeless people have severe mental illnesses and need help.  Did you stop to consider that?  Of course not!  It’s all about you!  Yes, what he was doing was illegal in probably every city, but the proper response to something illegal is not to get offended and throw a hissy fit, it’s to contact the authorities and let them handle it.  Did she do that?  No, she was too busy getting on Twitter and letting her fawning sycophants know how insulted her white, privileged ass was.

People wonder why the blogosphere keeps complaining about Atheism+, why the twitterverse keeps tweeting to the #AtheismPlus hashtag, it’s because of stupid crap like this, done routinely by people who proudly wear the “A+” armband.  These are not people that I want representing me in the eyes of the larger world.  I don’t want to say I’m an atheist, only to be assumed to fall into their small-minded man-hating camp.  So long as this is the kind of news we see coming out of the Atheism+ camp, I will continue to criticize it.  It deserves nothing less.

8 thoughts on “McCreight Fails Again: Privilege and Masturbation

  1. I saw the same series of tweets thanks to @Whoozley and had a similar reaction. How the masturbation became all about her and how she seemed to forget that this person was homeless are beyond me. Quite a few homeless individuals suffer from schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. And guess what? One of the behaviors one sees in some of these extreme forms of mental illness is public masturbation. I've seen it more than I care to recall among the seriously mentally ill on the street, in jails, and in psychiatric hospitals. It never would have occurred to me to personalize it.
    My recent post Feeling Disillusioned With the Atheist Movement

    1. I just think that, for a movement that spends considerable time telling people to "check your privilege" and consider people less fortunate than yourself, to have one of the leaders of the movement, indeed the person who came up with the whole thing, to entirely ignore her own privilege is very telling. Whether or not the homeless person has mental problems is largely irrelevant here. We have Jen McCreight, not only acting like she's all that and the subject of homeless masturbation fantasies, but she's playing the victim, as though she's the one we ought to feel sorry for in this situation.

      People ask why I keep reporting on the foibles of Atheism+ and this is why. People need to see the difference between what Atheism+ claims to want on paper and what they're really all about in real life. It is not a group dedicated to social justice. Oh sure, they might talk a good line, but when it comes down to the rubber hitting the road, they're just a bunch of entitlement-happy radical feminists out for their own satisfaction. People need to be made aware of the reality and not be drawn in by the rhetoric.

      Atheism+ exists for radfems, nothing more.

  2. This is the reality I have discovered over the last two years in the liberal atheist blogosphere. Groups of some of the most priviliged and responsibility-free people in the history of the world, demanding even more privilege and less responsibility for themselves, and an ever greater responsibility for others to respect their "feelings" on every issue, no matter how out of line with reality.

    I guess the only way to be a non-oppressed female is to live in a world where only your feelings and experience count for anything at all, which of course when met with reality is only a recipe for permanent self-victimization. What a freaking sick joke. I didn't want to believe it could happen, but these assholes are giving the Rush Limbaughs of the world a serious run for their money on the race toward completely oblivious, clueless entitlement. I will continue to support liberal atheists when our goals meet, but I cannot accept any of the A-plus crowd as any kind of leader, or even as a good example to point others toward.

    1. Exactly. Luckily, Atheism+ is currently imploding under the weight of it's own absurdity, it will soon be little more than a footnote in the annals of bad atheist ideas that went awry.

  3. I thought that was all I had to say, but….

    Her mangling of the concepts of rights, consent, and ina way, privilege(though not mentioned specifically) is a great example of the last two years' masturbatory cluster-jerk. She never even considers not making it all about her, personally. She starts with the assumption that what he is doing is directed toward her, and that her minute involvement is the most important and relevant aspect. She has the attitude that all people must always give consent to even seeing a distasteful sight, or else there is some kind of vague, nebulous harm or assault on her personhood.

    1. I don't think that attitude helps anyone, but I'll be generous and grant the assumption that he was abusing some kind of privilege, trying to force his sex act on womens' minds. Even if that were true…..where exactly is the harm? Why is it such a drag on her day? I could understand seeing this in the context of consent or privilege or harm or consent in a different situation….let's say she was at a rowdy party, and some drunk guy whips out his junk and starts jerking in front of her. Instead of laughing it off, she gets truly upset. Instead of going away, the guy keeps getting in her face and chases her around waving his ding-dong. THAT would be harmful behavior (even though most women I know wouldn't feel particularly harmed, she might, and then the behavior would then be willing harrassment.) But even then, any lasting harm would be emotional, and more-or-less in the control of the victim. But at least I could understand the outrage or emotional discomfort. As far as what really did occur….where is the harm?

  4. She wasn't harmed at all. Granted, I don't think she should have had to see that at all, I don't want to see two people having sex on the street either, but I'm not going to pretend that the reason they're doing it is me, nor that I am at all harmed because I saw it. I think she just has a grossly elevated view of herself and her importance in the world, likely given to her by all the attention she's been given by the Atheism+ crowd. They treat her like a hero, she starts to buy her own press and pretends that everything revolves around her.

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