Horror Show Sunday: Choke on It!

Not a good candidate for babysitter.

In a case out of England, six-week old Faith Lovemore was murdered by her mother, Julia, who stuffed pages from the Bible in her mouth, poured white spirits over her body and jumped up and down on her.  The worst part is NHS, who had visited the house earlier in the day, should have caught on that something was seriously wrong when Faith’s father, David, was in the midst of a psychotic episode, screaming for God to force the devil out of his wife.

Of course, the government should have known better, three years earlier, she had tried to smother an older child for crying, but instead of taking the child out of the house, they were simply conducting random home inspections.  It was earlier in the month that the Lovemores requested an end to home visits, usually a sign of trouble, and a big red flag should have been David Lovemore’s statement that, should there be trouble, he would pray instead of calling for help.  The extended family had contacted authorities, worried over Julia’s “religious fervor” and the fact that she had cut off contact with family members after calling them “heathens”.

An hour after the murder of Faith, David Lovemore carried the lifeless body of the 6-week old and the critically injured older child into a local hospital.  Officials are shocked at how this case fell through the cracks since it’s clear they were aware there were problems in the home.  In an independent report by the Cambridgeshire Local Safeguarding Children Board, they found that the couple’s religious beliefs, which included the insistence their eldest daughter was “immortal”, were only “partially understood”, according to chairman Geoff Heathcock.

What should have been very well understood is the state of mind of Julia Lovemore, who had been repeatedly institutionalized since 1995.  Mental health experts universally agreed that she suffered from delusional beliefs and, over the years, those beliefs became more devout and extreme, according to family members.

And they say that religion is harmless.


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