Strange Parallels in Atheism+

Is it Atheism+ or is it Feminism+?

I happened to catch a YouTube video regarding the recent Matt Dillahunty nonsense on the Atheism+ forums.  While the first half is just a retelling of the story we’ve all heard before, I think NoelPlum99 hit it on the head in the second half and he made me think of something.  This is all starting to sound like a story I’ve heard before, one that I’ve seen play out in excruciating detail about 20 years ago.

First off, why don’t you take a look at the video and see what you think, then we’ll go through the bizarre similarities to the past.

In reality, I’m starting to wonder if Atheism+ isn’t turning into furry fandom all over again.  Let me explain.  This isn’t the first time I’ve told this story, but I really think it has disturbing parallels with what we’re seeing on the Atheism+ forums.  I will admit, I don’t go over there unless someone links to a specific post or thread, although I did spend a little time today poking around.  It’s really hard to imagine a group that was actually dedicated to social justice telling rape victims it would be better if they were dead or, as one moderator said, “treating people the same regardless of race and gender makes you part of the problem!”  Isn’t that what you’re supposed to want?  Well, maybe before the feminist loons showed up.

It’s hard to imagine any active atheist not knowing who Matt Dillahunty is.  It’s possible, I suppose, but he is very well known and well respected in the atheist community, one would have to be a new atheist, or an atheist who had never taken part in the atheist community to reasonably not know who he is.  Yet there are apparently a sizable number of people on the Atheism+ forums that have no clue.  I’d put that on the same level as not knowing who PZ Myers is and maybe one step below not knowing who Richard Dawkins is.

So going back about 20 years now, the furry community had declared itself to be a “safe zone” for gays, lesbians and transgendered folk.  Without going into too much detail, as I’ve written about it before, let me just say that it started to attract people who were not into furries, they were just there to get laid.  This led to the infamous comment in an elevator at ConFurence, “hey, what’s all this furry animal stuff, I’m just here for the sex”.  In my previous post on this subject, I made an off-handed comment, “How long until we hear “What’s with all this atheist stuff, I’m just here for the liberal politics!”?”  I was wrong,  what we really have to worry about is “What’s with all this atheist stuff, I’m just here for the radical feminism!”

That’s really where I think Atheism+ is headed.  It seems like the atheism isn’t really that important to these people, it’s the radical feminist bullshit.  I’d wager that many of the most vocal people currently involved with the Atheism+ movement have never been members of organized atheism before.  In fact, I think you’d find, if you cared to look, that a lot of the people who are currently involved on the forums are likely radical feminists who have just moved in to fancy new digs to continue their crazy railing against the male gender.  If Atheism+ vanished tomorrow, these people would just move on to another site and another and another.  They have no ties to atheism, they’re just using it as a cover, just as the perverts who took over furry fandom had no real attachment to furry, they just saw the potential for a giant fuck fest and moved right in.  After furry collapsed, they just went elsewhere and I’m sure then never missed furry a bit.

What’s nice is that Atheism+ seems to be imploding under the weight of it’s own bullshit.  Former supporters are leaving left and right and even Rebecca Watson, who started this whole disaster, thinks it’s going to fail.  We can only keep our fingers crossed.

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    1. Thanks for the verification, I\’ll leave my comment up for another day or two, just in case someone has problems. I really hate the instability of IntenseDebate and the fact that, honestly, they don\’t give a damn. There just isn\’t a better service out there.

  1. The day i heard the term A+ i was alone ar my computer just browsing (as you do) & it made me laugh aloud. The last time this happened was when Alain Boutton (spelling?) suggested Atheist Cathedrals (or similar) so i guess A+ IS serving a purpose of sorts, just not the one that was intended. One of the latest threads over on A+ forums is someone asking why they’re not allowed a “Safe space” & there’s some stuff about Big & little tents (WTF) but my problem is that they come OUT of their safe space to set up petitions etc’ against people & have even affected peoples real world lived (Justin Vacula) & many more peoples reputations even up to Richard Dawkins, yet they still expect to be allowed to retreat to their own “Safe space”? I wish Mariam Namazie would leave FtB as she’s the only one left who i have any respect for that is still resident. I do understand that nobody is perfect, but the people at FtB & A+ are just wrong too often, IMO!☮°◡°

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