Schrodinger’s… well… Everything!

It’s Easier Than Just Being Responsible For Yourself

I’m sure you’ve heard the feminist boogieman entitled “Schrodinger’s Rapist”, in which the feminist proposes that because she cannot be sure, to any degree of absolute certainty, that any man she encounters is not out to rape her, that it is safest to assume that every man, whether he gives you any signs or not, is a potential rapist.  It doesn’t matter who it is, it could be that kindly 70-year old man on the park bench, it could be the obnoxious 13-year old kid riding his bike, it could be the guy taking your order at McDonalds, all of them clearly want to rape you, therefore you must treat all of them as if that is their plan.

I really can’t imagine anyone who has to live under that degree of paranoia, and in fact, some feminists claim they have to remain constantly medicated in order to handle the stress of being a target every second of their lives.

It occurred to me that we really can’t ever be sure of anything with absolute certainty, there will always be questions that we cannot answer,  claims that we cannot verify and events we cannot predict.  Whatever will we do?  We might as well do what the feminists are doing and fear everything!

After all, you can never be positive that a dog won’t attack you.  Any dog, from that cute chihuahua to the big pit bull, all of them have the potential, at least under the most extreme conditions, to bite you and cause you great bodily harm.  Well, maybe the chihuahua might need some help, but it could be the ringleader!  So we must, following the feminist model, fear all dogs at all times!  They’re probably out to get you, after all.

But what about cars?  Sure, most of the time, they are a harmless means of transport, they take us from point A to point B with speed and comfort.  But maybe, somewhere deep in their computerized innards, they are planning something.  They could have been infected by Skynet and when we least expect it, they’re going to run your ass down!  Come on, it could happen, it’s no more unlikely than thinking every man on the planet wants to screw you silly.  So why should we not be concerned that every car on the planet, and maybe some of the motorcycles and Segways as well, is going to start hunting people down on the road.  It happened in Stephen King’s “Trucks” after all.

So if you can’t trust dogs and you can’t trust cars, you should run for the hills?  Oh wait, there might be an earthquake, or at the very least, a rock slide.  You never can trust those rocks!  You can’t know for sure that it won’t happen, therefore you have to assume that every mountain, every hill, every rock, every pebble, is out to get you.  How are you supposed to know that some boulder might not fall on your head out of the blue?  Therefore, you’d better avoid them all.  Heck, why take a chance, just avoid all of nature!  It’s better than being taken out by a falling tree branch, right?

Well then, you’re hiding in the corner of your basement, but what if your house falls on you?  After all, contractors make mistakes all the time, maybe your house isn’t really as stable as you think it is.  It might collapse at any moment, you have no means of being absolutely certain that it won’t.  In fact, that goes for all structures, all of them could suffer from a fatal flaw that could result in your head being crushed to a pulp.

Finally, you run out into the middle of an empty field, no cars, no dogs, no buildings, no rocks, just a huge expanse of nothing.  You’re safe, unless you want to worry about a stray meteor taking you out or an airplane dropping on your head, those things have been known to happen, after all, you can’t be sure they won’t.  However, your anxiety level is reasonably low because the number of things that have the potential to kill you outright is low.

Then you get struck by lightning.

This whole Schrodinger’s Rapist thing is really as ridiculous as all the above examples.  You cannot live in fear that someone is out to get you and lurking behind every corner.  That’s not the way a reasonable, rational person operates, that’s the way someone with paranoid personality disorder acts.  If that is really how you live your life, seek professional help and get on anti-psychotic medication.  You need it.

8 thoughts on “Schrodinger’s… well… Everything!

  1. From what I recall, the original intent behind “Schrodinger’s Rapist” was not to suggest that women live in constant fear of rape but to help men understand that women have to be concerned about things that may seem foreign to us. I think this can be a positive tool for raising awareness. It can also be taken to unrealistic extremes and used as a bludgeon of sorts.
    My recent post Red Mass

    1. That's just not how it's being used by the neo-feminists though. They are using it as a bludgeon to justify blatant misandry. They have defined their worldview around a "rape culture" and then blame everyone else for their fears. Normal people just don't live in the amount of fear they claim to live under, but most of that is a front to justify their hatred of men.

  2. I think a better rebuttal is Shrodinger's black criminal, or Shrodinger's Muslim terrorist. Both would be considered unacceptable prejudice by society. But prejudice against men is still widely acceptable.

  3. Holding that all men are potential rapists is as reasonable as holding that all women avow completely the SCUM manifesto and will kill or castrate a man at the first opportunity.

    1. Of course, it is ridiculous, but it's yet another plank in the radical feminist platform. They can't trust anyone, yet they demand that they ought to be able act however they like, engage in risky behavior, and scream bloody murder if anyone even gives them a sideways glance. This is why radical feminism is so laughably pathetic.

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