Horror Show Sunday: Catholic Age of Consent

Come here little boy, you look 14…

Hey, we’re on a roll, welcome to the second installment of Horror Show Sunday.  Let’s keep going with a similar theme, shall we?  Last week we talked about Muslim Imams who were willing to marry young girls to older men, thus justifying pedophilia.  However, they’re certainly not the only religious group out there that has had a problem with child-sex, in fact, the Catholic Church makes them look like pikers.

Now we could write all year about the number of Catholic sex abuse scandals and the billions of dollars the church has spent. both in settlements and hush money over the years.  You’d think that, given that wealth of experience, the RCC would actually learn to stop defending pedophile priests, stop moving known child molesters around and actually reporting these incidents to the authorities.  After all, no rational organization would want known, active pedophiles within their ranks.

Oh wait, I said rational organization, right?  That lets the Catholics out.  They’re wingnut crazy and as such, think they don’t have to follow the same rules as everyone else.  In a Joliet, Illinois case involving Rev. F. Lee Ryan, a Catholic priest who was removed from service a couple of years ago because he boinked a 14-year old boy back in the 70s.  Now you’d think this would be a slam-dunk, even the Catholic diocese admits that the evidence against Ryan is “credible”, nor is anyone denying that Ryan had inappropriate sexual relations with the young boy.

But just  because they have credible evidence against this priest and no one, including the priest himself, denies the allegations, out in wacky Catholic Land, they give the priest back his Bible and send him out to molest, um, minister once again!  Why?  Because according to Church Law at the time, molesting a 14 year old boy wasn’t a serious offense and therefore, Rev. Ryan gets off scot free!  It doesn’t really seem to matter to them what U.S. criminal law has to say about the whole thing, the Church seems to think it answers to a higher source, a source that think it’s fine to stick your dick in a teenage boy.

So why isn’t it a big deal, in the eyes of the Church?   Because according to that wonderful Catholic Law at the time, 14 was seen as an age of consent.  Yes, they are that stupid.

Some of the details are just so absurd that they’re hard to take seriously.  According to the victim, now 52, he had become convinced he was gay and Rev. Ryan took advantage of him, taking him to motels in Indiana where he wouldn’t be recognized and telling the boy to call him Lee so he wouldn’t be noticed as a priest.  This apparently went on for quite some time, right up until, when the boy was 16, he was caught by Ryan in a car with another teen.  Ryan was described as being very upset, shouting “Aren’t God and I enough for you?”

What, was this a freaky threesome?

Now I’m sorry, but the Church doesn’t get to set it’s own legal policy, it doesn’t get to over-ride established secular laws and it doesn’t get to boink young boys, no matter how much priests, and apparently God, want them to.  If any other group tried this kind of defense, they’d get laughed out of the courtroom, it is only in the priesthood, supported by billions of dollars of RCC money, with their scare-tactics threatening to send anyone who doesn’t give them their way on a one-way trip to eternal damnation.  What is that?  It’s another clear entry into the Religious Horror Show.

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  1. Seducing small boys and trying to cover it up is, of course, horrendous but other acts by these “men of god” that needs addressing. How nuns did these horny priests rape or impregnate? How many young girls suffered the same fate? How many pregnant nuns or girls were shipped off to convents to have their babies quietly. Babies promptly adapted by devote, good and unquestioning Catholic families? Some day perhaps one of these raped nuns or young girls will find the courage to step up and expose the church for what it is: a morally bankrupt institution.

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