Last Gasp: Matt Dillahunty Gets Pissed

Not Likely To Apologize

I hope this is the last I’ll need to say on this topic for a while, but after having written about Matt Dillahunty’s “anonymous” account getting banned from the Atheism+ forums, it now turns out they’ve gone one step further and banned Matt’s regular account as well.  He doesn’t  care, he had only posted a single “hello” comment with that account, and so far as anyone knows, had this mess not come up, he never would have posted again. Therefore, he’s not hurt that the account went away, he even admits that he violated their rules by having a second account and I can agree that the forums were entirely within their rights to ban both accounts if they wished to because Matt had agreed to follow their forum rules when he signed up and clearly he did not do so, even if it was a sin of ignorance.

No, what he’s mad at is the fact that they expect him to come back groveling and begging for forgiveness in order to get back on the forums, forums that he really doesn’t care about or have time to participate in.  I entirely agree with Matt’s position that he was doing this to prove a point, that nothing he did was malicious or intended to cause harm and if anyone ought to be apologizing, it should be the forum moderators.

But anyhow, here, in his own words, is Matt’s video.

But that’s not really what I wanted to address, but a response he made to someone in the comments to this video.

Because the issues are separate from the people. I didn’t stop advocating social justice, just because some people toss around blame when their forum errors are exposed.

That’s like saying atheist are wrong on the god question, just because we’ve got some internal disagreements on other issues.

Matt, while I know you’ll never read this, I’m going to address it to you anyhow because this just demonstrates that you don’t get the issue at all.  It’s something I’ve pointed out time and time again, and while I can absolutely and completely understand and sympathize with what I perceive to be your position, although I certainly have never asked you about it directly, it’s still a problem.

This isn’t about supporting social justice.  It’s fine that you do, I suspect you and I would have similar views on at least some aspects of social justice and many people in the atheist community have likewise said they are entirely onboard with social justice issues.  Where it all falls apart is that you’re equating social justice with Atheism+.  You act like social justice and Atheism+ are synonymous, as if one cannot exist without the other and just because the people who started Atheism+ talked a good line, one that you happen to agree with, that obligates you to support the organization.  That’s just not true.

So let’s use a completely off the wall example.  Say you’re against slavery, as I know you are.  Someone, maybe even someone you admire, comes by and says “hey, we have a club over here that’s against slavery!”  So you join, taking them at their word that they are what they say they are, and indeed they do oppose slavery.  They also go out on Sunday morning and beat the crap out of little old ladies on streetcorners.  Others point to these heinous actions and say “Matt, how can you belong to this group?”  But instead of taking a look at what the group actually does, how it operates, what methods it practices, you just reply “but I’m against slavery!”  Well so am I, but I’m also against beating the crap out of helpless little old ladies.  I can be against slavery without being a member of this group.

Nobody is saying that Atheism+ isn’t publically for social justice.  There may be many worthwhile, decent people involved with Atheism+ who want only to best.  However, as you’ve now seen, there are many others who are involved who are acting in a manner you find objectionable, in fact, most people find objectionable.  You’re more concerned with how Atheism+ is portrayed on paper, the idea and concept behind it, you just don’t have any time, and I respect that, to go out and actually research the movement as it operates on a day-to-day basis and find out if the reality matches the on-paper fantasy.

Because it doesn’t.

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