Stop Being So Damn Stupid!

Stupid is…

I’m sorry, this is a short rant, but damn it, I’m sick and goddamn tired of watching both sides in this idiotic Atheism+ debacle act like a bunch of 5-year olds throwing tantrums.  You people pretend to be reasonably mature, intelligent, rational adults, but damn it, if some of you just don’t act like that.  They act like two warring camps of chimps flinging poo at each other.  Now maybe this has been going on for a long, long, long time, in fact, I’m sure it has, but now that I’ve rejoined the wonderful world of Twitter, I get this nonsense thrown at me 24/7.

Just in recent news, the feminist Atheism+ assholes started a petition to get Justin Vacula thrown out of his unpaid co-director position with the SCA.  In so doing, they demonstrably lied through their teeth, every single fact they used that supposedly proved he was unqualified were out-and-out falsehoods.  People did the research and proved they were blatantly wrong and instead of admitting, mea culpa, let’s fix this, they banned the guy who proved them wrong.  This is the maturity level of many of the people in leadership roles with Atheism+.

But hey, not to be outdone, you get people on the other side starting a petition to get Stephanie Zvan ousted from her position with Atheist Voices of Minnesota.  This isn’t the first time someone has petitioned to get an individual removed from a project, last time was Rebecca Watson as a contributor on a podcast.  Now, it’s Zvan as a contributor to a book.  A CHARITY BOOK for crying out loud!  Are you people out of your fucking minds?!?!?!

I’m going to explain this to you very slowly, and with little words so you mental midgets can get it through your tiny, pea brains.  If you don’t like someone and they’re on a podcast, don’t listen to the podcast.  If you don’t like someone and they’re in a book, don’t buy the book.  If you don’t like someone and they’re in a leadership role with an organization, don’t join that organization.  But for heaven’s fucking sake, all of you, GROW THE FUCK UP!

That is all.

7 thoughts on “Stop Being So Damn Stupid!”

    1. I don\’t know, I\’ve seen a couple of them today. Actually, I was originally hoping to see Matt Dillahunty\’s reaction to his banning on the A+ forums yesterday, but it wasn\’t up yet. Still, I\’m getting disgusted with atheists, we\’re supposed to be better than this, yet it\’s clear that many of us are no better than the theists we disagree with.

      That\’s just sad.

  1. I agree. Eventually the atheist movement will be so splintered it will be like three churches on every corner. I had to stop going to local atheist meetings due to the fact of the immature closed minded assholes trying to force their feminist and marxist bullshit down my throat. It was easy to get them to stop harassing me by simply stating I do not believe in their new religion of global warming. I read a total of 4 atheist blogs and bitchspot is one of them. They are free to do whatever the fuck they want just as long as they keep me out of it.

    1. Welcome Eric, it's an honor to have you aboard.

      To be honest, and this is something that lots of people forget, someone declaring themselves to be rational or logical or critical thinking, while all well and good, doesn't necessarily mean anything unless they apply it to everything in their life. Very few people, unless they take great pains to do so, actually do so. This becomes problematic when things like feminism and global warming start to become emotional stances instead of intellectual ones. It's when they start to look like religions. You can tell when someone takes a long slide down the hill of irrationality when they stop being so concerned about what the data says and start being more worried about how the data makes them feel. That's when you can be sure they've leapt off the logic bus. There are many, many very credible scientists and atheists who I respect with regard to their science or their disbelief, they can argue rationally and with evidence for their positions like nobody else, but they also hold ideas that are just absurd if evaluated rationally. Just because someone is rational in one thing is no guarantee that they are rational in any other, yet far too often, as I heard Matt Dillahunty say in a recent YouTube video, we often assume that just because we agree with a person on one thing, we must also agree with them on everything, or just because we have found a person generally credible on one topic, we assume they know what they're talking about on all topics. It's just not the case.

  2. I've been feeling this way too, but I think I'm only just beginning to recognize it. I've attributed it more to my increasing stress level in response to things that have nothing to do with atheism, but it keeps coming back. Frankly, it has made me question whether there aren't more useful things I could be doing than mucking about in this atheist movement.
    My recent post Skeptic Blogs Rebrands and Vacula Condemned

    1. There are reasons I don't join organized atheist groups. I don't belong to any, I won't belong to any, I don't have any heroes to worship, I just evaluate positions and accept the ones that are worthwhile and reject the ones that don't match up with the evidence required. I honestly don't think we have an organized atheism, or that we should have an organized atheism. This is the result of people trying to impose order on cats.

      I pass. I always have.

  3. Eventually the atheist movement will be so splintered it will be like three churches on every corner

    Who knew that South Park episode would turn out to be so prophetic? I'm talking about the one where Cartman gets frozen and wakes up 500 years later to a world where two atheist factions are at war. Like someone commented on Vjack's blog, a lot of Christians must be feeling a certain schadenfreude over all of this.

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